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Studio: Alexander Pictures
Directed by: Alexander
Year of Production / Release: 2010
Country of Production: Brazil / Argentina / U.S.A.

Gustavo Alves
Otavo Alves
Julio Andrade
Duarte da Rua
Concalo Morales
Martino Paiva
Anibal Ribeiro
Otavio Silva

The very first shot of this film will make you want to order pizza. Just looking at Martino Paiva will have your pants on the floor and your phone in hand placing your order. From the moment he walks in on his first customers in their tight, white boxer-briefs to the moment the last wad is shot, you will wonder where order from so you can relive this scene in the comfort of your own home. Alexander Pictures has done it again. He’s crossed the unbelievable hotness of big-dicked studs with the almost imaginable fucking of the pizza boy in a way that will make you mess your drawers. Just sit back and enjoy a slice of pie made as only Alexander could.

SCENE 1: Martino Paiva, Concalo Morales, Gustavo Alves
Martino Paiva is fucking delicious. That’s all there is to it. Add to his sexy to big dicks barely concealed in their boxer-briefs and you have the meeting of gorgeous with Concalo Morales and Gustavo that makes for a hot opening to an even hotter film. From the moment Martino first starts grabbing their pricks it’s obvious these guys have shared a boy or two in their time. While he’s sucking their cocks it seems as if they are almost competing for attention. While the take turns driving their cocks up his ass, though, it’s obvious that they take pleasure seeing each other being pleasured. Even Martino’s apron can’t keep those cum stains off his white shirt after he’s got them so worked up. He milks a pretty impressive load out of his cock at the end, too. It’s going to be a great shift! They even give him a little extra tip.

SCENE 2: Martino Paiva, and …
It’s like déjà vu when ?1 answers the door in his underwear and Martino then sees ?2 on the bed in matching briefs. Big, black dicks in tight white underwear are his kryptonite. He’s fast to peel off his shoes and climb into bed for a couple handsful of thick meat to top his tight hole. ?2 gets inside Martino’s mouth first and is lucky enough to get some action from ?1 as well. Both studs lay back as they convince Martino that he has plenty of time to make his other deliveries and still take a quick deliver from them. He’s in. He dives onto ?1’s cock and presents his back door to ?2 who immediately starts tapping and slapping it. After both guys take a turn in his ass Martino shoots another hot load. How he will make it through this shift without some rub burns is going to be amazing! This hot young stud’s made for a day of fucking and cumming, though. He’s up to it!

SCENE 3: Martino Paiva and Duarte Rua
After having two couples share his ass, Martino is still primping in the elevator as he prepares to deliver to Duarte Rua. Duarte is, as many of us do, stroking his cock in anticipation of the delivery boys arrival. His boxers hide his giant prick exactly as much as he wants it to. Not at all! Even after shooting twice and being pounded by four big dicks, Martino is willing to be the delivery boy who really delivers. He goes at Duarte’s big dick as if it were the first he’d had in a long time. When he’s sliding himself back and forth on Duarte’s dick, his face makes it obvious there was an itch he still needed scratched and Duarte had found it. Seeing Duarte watch his sweet prick split Martino’s hole open is one of the hottest moments captured on film. Pure enjoyment all over his face. When Duarte switches from passively letting Martino fuck himself on that bone to taking control, it turns up the heat and screws Martino’s face into a telling grimace that may or may not have made me nut before I got to the last scene. It was just in time to see Martino nut a third time after Duarte dumped on his back. What the fuck!? This boy is at least half cum! Where’s that pizza I ordered? I’ll tip!

SCENE 4: Martino Paiva and Anibal Ribeiro
After ordering his pizza, Anibal Ribeiro is pulling on his prick through his pants while flipping through some pussy porn that he leaves on the table when he answers the door. Like a moth to a flame, Martino has that skin mag in hand only moments before he’s replaced it with Anibal’s massive meat. Anibal is one of those skinny guys whose cock seems to be almost as thick as his waist. It’s a pleasure just to see his prick boned up in front of his flat abs. Martino wastes no time getting it from his hand to his mouth and into his ass. He’s enjoying every minute of the pounding he gets from Anibal. Anibal’s own nut on his stomach is all that Martino needs to coax out his next load. He leaves Anibal’s place looking a little worn out. His shift isn’t over yet, though.

SCENE 5: Otavio Silva, Otavo Alves and Martino Paiva
As if it hadn’t already been a long, not to mention thick, day of fucking delivering pizza, Martino has one more stop. With pizza in hand, he bravely walk to his final delivery. Otavio Silva and Otavo Alves are at least dressed when Martion arrives with their pizzas. It’s only a matter of time before they have their hands in their pants, though. A sexy fucker in his tank top and apron have that affect on a couple of hungry guys, as we’ve learned. Well, it’s the end of the day, so why not? Martion kneels in front of them and goes to town on their dark meat going back and forth between them before dropping his pants for another taste. They spit-roast him on that couch like a couple of champs. Otavio’s fucking is hard and fast enough to distract Martino from the head he’s offering Otavo. Otavo doesn’t miss a beat, though. Otavio jacks off a nice load onto his abs while his buddy pounds our little delivery boy friend to yet another healthy orgasm. Otavo isn’t left out. He gets his too. What a fucking day at work!

I love my job. It’s true. However, this movie has me wondering if a little side work as a delivery boy might be a good idea. Alexander Pictures always gathers a great collection of meat hanging from a group of the hottest studs around and this film is no exception. I hope your pizza boy is the beneficiary of this inspiration.



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