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Alexander Pictures BLACKS ON TOMMY LIMA Alexander Pictures BLACKS ON TOMMY LIMA
Studio: Alexander Pictures
Directed by: Alexander
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: Brazil / Argentina / U.S.A.

Rodrigo Bekmann
Adrian Correa
Efrem Da Paula
Ruy de Sousa
Andre Ferreira
Pinto Gomez
Tommy Lima
Vincente Lourenco
Josue Otaviano

This is film is a great collection of Tommy Lima doing what he does best. He takes big, black cock after big, black cock up his white hole and down his throat. Wearing a jockstrap through the entire movie makes it obvious that he’s got nothing on his mind but bottoming and that’s just what he does. He’s pounded in a lot of positions by a lot of guys. He makes it clear that he loves giant, black cock and shows these guys his appreciation for what they have to offer.

SCENE 1: Adrian Correa & Tommy Lima
Adrian Correa is the first guy to get his black meat up Tommy Lima’s tail. After showing off to each other for a bit Tommy spits in his hand and wets his asshole before presenting it for Adrian’s inspection. These guys really tease each other and build up tension before Tommy finally opens up his mouth for Adrian’s foreskin covered head. While Adrian lays back to get his dick sucked he is smacking the shit out of Tommy’s ass and it seems to get Tommy going even faster and deeper on Adrian’s monster meat. It’s evidently not enough, though, because Adrian grabs Tommy’s head and forces him down until he gags. It’s a hot blowjob leading up to an even hotter fuck. Lucky for Tommy, though, Adrian eats his ass and gets it ready for a stretching. When Adrian finally does shove his prick up Tommy’s hungry fuck-hole you can see the relief on both their faces. Adrian uses Tommy’s hole in a frenzied fuck that leads to him nutting on Tommy’s shoulder while Tommy pushes his jock down under his nuts and squirts his own load while staring at the cock that just tore up his ass.

SCENE 2: Ruy De Sousa, Tommy Lima, & Vincente Lourenco
The second scene of Blacks on Tommy Lima reveals Tommy with Ruy De Sousa and Vincente Lourenco. These guys have cocks so big that you’d think were photoshopped if you weren’t seeing them in action. Tommy is a good bottom to these guys, though, and takes them in his mouth and in his ass. In fact, it’s while Tommy is sucking on Ruy’s fat meat that Vincente makes it obvious that he’s going straight for Tommy’s hole. He plays with it, licks it, and teases it before climbing on and really going to town. Vincente is a power-fucker who doesn’t kneel when he fucks. He stays on his feet in a wide stance that really lets him plow ass. Tommy really seems to dig on the fact that he’s getting opened up so completely while making out with Ruy. When Vincente pulls out, though, Tommy gets Ruy’s cock in his hole as fast as he can while his erstwhile fucker jacks off. Vincente cums on Tommy’s back while Ruy is still inside him. It’s too much for Tommy and he shoots on Ruy’s stomach right before Ruy nuts all over himself. These tops really took full advantage of Tommy’s ass and got it ready for even more pounding.

SCENE 3: Tommy Lima & Josue Otaviano
Tommy Lima seems none too bothered by Josue Otaviano’s big, swinging cock waking him up from a little nap. Tommy looks at that big piece of black meat long and hard before forcing it down his neck. He works it deep into his throat while Josue looks down at his cocksucker and Tommy looks right back up. When you see a big athletic looking stud like Josue you expect a hard and fast lay. This fucker takes his time and enjoys some variations on position with Tommy, though. When Tommy sits down and starts fucking himself on that long fuckstick of Josue’s you can see that both guys are really into it, though. Tommy seems to know exactly how he wants it up his hole and Josue likes giving it to him. Josue shoots a nice load on Tommy’s chest while Tommy’s sliding his foreskin back and forth over his own rock-hard dick head only to shoot on his own thigh.

SCENE 4: Andre Ferreira, Tommy Lima, & Efrem Da Paula
Seems like Tommy Lima’s ass would get worn out but he’s a champ! When he wakes up from another nap and finds Efrem Da Paula and Andre Ferreira making out and stroking on his bed he doesn’t even flinch. He just lays back and enjoys the show. He’s not much of a spectator, though. He’s quick to get in on the action and that is due in no small part to the size of Efrem’s cock I’m sure. After sucking on their cocks he continues working on Andrea while Efrem starts getting lined up to attack that hole with a prick that seems it shouldn’t be able to fit inside that pink pucker that it’s being aimed at. Tommy opens up like a pro once Andre’s warmed his hole up with his own impressive dick, though. Efrem takes his time getting inside Tommy and the look on Tommy’s face is pure desperation while he waits. Once he decides it’s time there’s no stopping him and Efrem is balls deep in Tommy’s ass before you know it. Being fair, though, Tommy sits down on Andre’s prick for some more while Efrem uses that hot mouth. Both of these fuckers nut on Tommy’s ass before he squirts yet another load of his own on his treasure trail. He’s an impressive little slut!

SCENE 5: Pinto Gomez, Tommy Lima, & Rodrigo Bekmann
I’ve got to figure out where Tommy Lima was taking all these naps. He’s awoken once again by a couple of super hung studs going at it over his ass in bed. They are certainly enjoying each other but it seems they were just biding their time until the cute little piece of white ass they’d been hearing about from all those other studs finally woke up for them to ride. Pinto Gomez is a beautiful, lean stud with a super-veiny horse-cock and Rodrigo Bekmann has the look of a boxer who’s about to punch a hole in someone’s ass. Tommy is lucky enough, once again, to be that someone. He’s pretty fast to bend over to get Pinto’s cock in his mouth and then Rodrigo’s. He takes turns getting them hot and ready before shaking his ass for them to get them even more turned on. It would take a pretty brave bottom to get these fuckers as hot as Tommy does before giving up the goods and he proves he’s man enough to handle it when they start smacking his ass to get it ready for more stretching. These studs sliding their cocks under the straps of Tommy’s jock and humping their ebony dicks against his creamy white ass is super hot and only the prelude for what is to come. They have clearly shared ass before. Not only do they seamlessly switch places but they help each other out by holding Tommy’s legs up while the other fucks. They shoot impressive loads all over Tommy before he jacks himself off. This is the biggest bunch of cum he gets in the film and it is worth the wait. Your mouth will be watering while you rub one out to this scene.
   There’s more big, black dick up Tommy Lima’s tight little pink hole in this movie than you would think he could take. It’s worth thinking that just to be surprised every time yet another guy more hung than the last spreads Tommy’s hole open and fucks him until they shoot together. Tommy Lima is a world-class bottom and this film from Alexander Pictures showcases just how good he is at putting his ass up in the air and servicing all the black cock he can find.


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