studio / film series: Randy Blue

Studio: Randy Blue
Directed by: Randy Blue
Country of Production: U.S.A.
Year of Production / Release: 2007

Derrek Diamond
Blake Riley
Dakota Rivers

Doing the Randy Blue three-ways must be one of my favorite times to be running this site. It’s so much fun trying to figure out who is going to look the hottest in what combinations. Sometimes it’s a real trick, trying to match up a good bottom with a good top and maybe someone who’s all about sucking cock. Other times you try to go against the grain and challenge the guys to try something new, like a first time bottoming. I might try adding a guy who’s only ever done solos into a mix with two experienced guys so they can show him the ropes. And sometimes, you put three guys together who just fit like three perfect puzzle pieces. This is exactly the case with Blake Blake Riley, Derek Diamond and Dakota Rivers. They’ve always gotten along really well when we’ve done public appearances but I think this is the first time the three of them were together at the same time. They were all over each other before we even got the cameras set up. I hate having to say “cool it” when they seem to be having such fun, but sometimes you gotta cage the tigers before the show so they can unleash their fury after it starts. And boy, did they ever. You can see the excitement right from the beginning of the video. They waste no time in stripping off their clothes and getting their mouths around each other’s cocks, nipples and any other body parts they can taste, touch and lick. Dakota is so tall and commanding that it would be easy to keep him in the middle. That’s why I let Derrek take center stage for a while and let Dakota service him while he made out with Blake. I threw a few suggestions like that in there, but a lot of what you see is their own ideas. When the energy is this high I can usually just stay behind the camera and let things just happen. Although, I know how much Blake loves to get cum on, so I may have whispered in the guys’ ears to squirt their manjuices all over him.


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