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Titan Media / Titan Rough Titan Media / Titan Rough
Studio: Titan Media / Titan Rough
Directed by: Tony Buff and Paul Wilde
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: U.S.A.

David Anthony
Tony Buff
Billy Duro
Alessio Romero
Trey Walker

Deep in the secluded forests of California, no one can hear you scream. That’s where six brave, sadistic studs—led by TitanMen exclusives Tony Buff and David Anthony—engage in extreme experiments to get you off. ROUGH, the newest hardcore fetish line from TitanMen, reaches into its tool belt to push the BDSM boundaries even further in Bound and Beaten. Test your limits as ropes are tightened, skin is reddened and all control is surrendered.
   Dragged into the woods, pain pig Rico submits to Tony Buff’s commands—and soon finds himself suspended helplessly in the air. After he’s smacked senseless, he offers his hole for a tag-team fuck including voyeur David Anthony, TitanMen’s hot new exclusive in his debut performance.
   After feasting on the nipples of hairy hunk Trey Walker, Billy Duro pulls out the cellophane cling wrap for an unforgettable mummification—then whips out his clamps and cock to administer even more abuse.
   Bound at both ends, hairy Alessio Romero lies vulnerable in the dirt and ready for Tony Buff’s torture. After surviving the onslaught, Romero gets piss and dick as his reward.

WARNING: This film portrays realistic and authentic BDSM and fetish sex. These are not actors, but experienced BDSM players doing what they love to do. This is hardcore extreme sex at is most raw and realistic and is only for those that can handle it.

SCENE 1: David Anthony and Tony Buff with Rico
Pushed to the ground, hot tattooed Rico has no chance to combat Tony Buff’s commands. Soon bound from behind and strung up in the middle of the woods, the submissive has his nipple painfully twisted and his bulge slapped before Buff unzips him. The two smile as Buff grabs Rico’s excited cock, which stays impressively stiff throughout the extreme action. Buff begins by slapping Rico around, causing him to emit gasps of pleasure that get louder as the scene progresses. After grabbing and gripping Rico’s balls, Buff whips out a paddle for some cock and ball abuse, getting Rico bright red. The heated display catches the attention of smooth and chiseled hunk David Anthony, who whips out his massive cock while watching from afar. Now tightly tied to a tree, Rico has his tattooed back forcefully flogged by Buff, who soon beckons Anthony over for help. The newcomer mercilessly uses a wooden paddle on Rico, who yells “Yes!” as the action intensifies. Buff then canes Rico’s ass bright red with a stick, warming it up for the deep tag-team fuck that follows—ending with three giant squirts of spunk on Rico’s sweaty, satisfied body.

SCENE 2: Billy Duro and Trey Walker
Lured to a tree in the forest by shaved-headed hottie Billy Duro, hairy muscle stud Trey Walker strips down with his bud as the two kiss. Their two meaty, pierced cocks soon throb out of their leather chaps, and Duro drops down to feast on his bud’s big bulge after pulling on his engorged, pierced nipples. Duro smacks Walker’s balls before tying him to a tree, making him helpless to the continued nipple, stomach, cock and ball torture—action alternated with satisfyingly deep sucks on Walker’s big meat. Tony Buff briefly joins the duo to help Duro secure Walker to the tree using cling wrap, mummifying the stud from neck to ankle. Small holes are cut to give Walker’s cock and nipples a release while opening them to more of Duro’s abuse. The tormenter pulls on Walker’s giant nipples and balls, beats on his stomach and spits on his face before binding their cocks together by their Prince Alberts in a hot shot. Duro then breaks out clamps and clothespins to use on Walker’s nipples and sack (“Thank you, sir!”) before mercifully releasing his captive. Walker is then tied to two tree stumps and bent over for a hot fuck from behind, ending when Duro’s big wad lands on the bottom’s ass.

SCENE 3: Tony Buff, Billy Duro, Alessio Romero and Trey Walker
As the camera pans across the dirty ground, handsome and hairy Alessio Romero— wearing nothing but a jockstrap and bound by his wrists and ankles—writhes while waiting for Tony Buff’s mind to work its magic. The alpha top slaps Romero’s inner thigh, then excruciatingly grazes his body with a knife. He then uses it to cut off the captive’s underwear—which he then stuffs into Romero’s mouth as a gag. Buff strokes Romero’s rock-hard cock, causing the submissive to breathe even harder and moan as he’s edged. Buff then whips out his monster slab and feeds it to Romero, eventually pinning his bud’s face to the ground and gagging him. Buff returns the favor, deep-throating the stud before painfully clamping Romero’s nipples, slapping his balls, and choking and gagging him with cock as the sub gasps for air. Buff is then briefly joined by Billy Duro and Trey Walker, who wander into the clearing and help douse Romero from head to toe with their piss and spit. Buff jacks Romero again and stuffs fingers into his mouth before tying his captive’s swollen balls to a stake in the ground, then attaching the rope to the nipple clamps for added stimulation. Soon partially free, Romero—his pig back covered in dirt—sits down on Buff’s dick for a heated and very verbal fuck that ends with two hot loads, including a massive wad from Buff that covers the bottom.

Two interview clips filmed behind the scenes during the shoot have directors Tony Buff and Paul Wilde talking with Rico, David Anthony, Billy Duro and Trey Walker. Also included are a look at TitanMen Tools and Lube and more ROUGH trailers.


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