Studio: Buckshot Productions
Directed by: Kristofer Weston
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Andrew Blue
Bobby Clark
Arthur Gordon
Guy Parker
Colton Steele
Trystian Sweet
Matthias Vannelli
David West

SCENE 1 – THE DOCK: Bobby Clark tops David West
SCENE 2 – THE ROCK: Matthias Vannelli fucks Arthur Gordon
SCENE 3 – THE SWING: Trystian Sweet fucks Colton Steele
SCENE 4 – THE FLING: Andrew Blue & Guy Parker flip flop

A lakeside summer BBQ, hot young boys all packing some major meat… the perfect recipe for hot and sizzling summer fun. The mountain air is intoxicating as these young men lose themselves in what can only be described as BOY COUNTRY!

SCENE 1 – THE DOCK: Bobby Clark tops David West
Get out your rod, your bait and tackle, because there’s plenty of action to catch as Buckshot newbies David West and Bobby Clark take the boat out on the lake for a lazy afternoon of half-naked fishing. Talk about ‘smoke on the water’.

SCENE 2 – THE ROCK: Matthias Vannelli fucks Arthur Gordon
A crowd of young Buckshot studs gathers for a summertime bar-b-cue. All eyes follow as sexy Arthur Gordon and super hunk Matthias Vannelli break away from the crowd for some one-on-one guy action down by the water.

SCENE 3 – THE SWING: Trystian Sweet fucks Colton Steele
Meanwhile, back at the bar-b-cue, Trystian Sweet plays a flirty game of eye tag with rough and ready Colton Steele. They slip away from the crowd quick and easily, taking advantage of their new found privacy to get to know each other much more intimately.

SCENE 4 – THE FLING: Andrew Blue & Guy Parker flip flop
The gathering of hunks comes to a close as Host Guy Parker thanks his sexy young guests for coming to the bar-b-cue. But one stud isn’t ready to leave just yet. Andrew stays behind to thank the host, up close and personal.


As we set up the set for the first scene of BOY COUNTRY I’m a bit nervous. We are on an amazing 17-acre estate. The house has been published in magazines and it has a two-acre lake just off the main house in the middle of nowhere. It could not be more beautiful, but I have never shot a scene on a rocking rowboat before. After figuring the direction of the sun for the day with my videographer (multiaward winning) Todd Montgomery and setting up the reflectors, I walkie-talkie up to the main house to send the Buckshot Boys down to the set to get the scene started. I look up to see two beautiful boys bouncing down the hill toward us. The first one is Bobby Clark and I knew instantly this kid was full of energy and charisma. I could tell that this scene was going to be loads of fun. The second boy named David West was quieter, but had a twinkle in his eye when he saw the boat and I told them to get in and row out to the middle of the lake. He did it without hesitation and boyish excitement. I was very pleased and could tell that this was going to be something special.

Day two in our Buckshot Feature and I scout the location for the second scene of BOY COUNTRY with my award-winning videographer, Todd Montgomery. We find this large rock underneath some trees next to the patio of the main house. It’s going to be a hard location to shoot on for the boys, but I’m confident that Matthias and Arthur can pull it off! I met both of them the night before at dinner and instantly knew they were hot for each other. English is a second language for both of them, but their body language was very easy to interpret.
   The scene starts off very slowly and sensually as they explore each others bodies. It then began to naturally ramp up to more passionate love making as they start kissing. I had nothing to fear as Arthur lays back on the rock perfectly balanced in the air. He moans with total satisfaction as Matthias lovingly enters him and they enjoy each others muscled bodies in the afternoon sun under the trees. They don’t even seem to notice the rest of the cast having an outdoor party behind them and watching in respectful amazement. It was so refreshing to witness such a passionate and beautiful scene that practically shot itself.

One of the first things I noticed about the location for this scene in BOY COUNTRY when we got there was this lone oak tree with a swing hanging from a branch and I knew instantly that it would make a great set! Our intention was to swing the bottom on his back with legs in the air right onto the top’s dick. For this I needed a top who could stay rock hard with a dick that is straight as an arrow. I instantly thought of Trystian Sweet who gave uber-bottom Tory Mason a run for his money in STRONG WILL. I was also recently introduced to Colton Steel with his hairy man/boy body and impressed by his natural country charm. After explaining what I wanted to them both, they both were HOT for it and I knew it was going to be a great scene. From the moment Colton hopped up on the swing and started swinging, Trystian got rock hard. Colton teased him with his furry hole as he swung higher and higher with boots in the air and his ass exposed for Trystian’s tongue. Then Trystian stands up and points his hard piece in the air as Colton swings directly onto it! It was like the perfect fit. They continue on for two more positions until they can’t take it anymore and have to blow their loads. The last shot is my favorite as they literally walk off hand in hand into the sunset of BOY COUNTY!

On the final day of the movie we shot the climactic picnic scene where two Buckshot Boys flip-flop on the picnic table where the rest of the cast had been partying just moments before. For this scene I chose two performers I knew I could count on and thought would be delicious together – Guy Parker and Andrew Blue. Both had been in Splish Splash and I knew both would be into each other.
   Andrew starts off by slowly pulling his rock-hard boner from his shorts which Guy quickly jumps on and devours. Andrew shows his gratitude and generously thanks his host by bending him over the picnic table for a long and sensuous fuck. Then its Andrew’s turn to get penetrated and he moans like there is no tomorrow while the food and drinks slowly bounce to the edge of the table and fall to the floor. The perfect ending to the perfect movie – BOY COUNTRY.


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  1. Bobby Clark

    this movie was soooooo much fun to make thank you kris you made us superstars!!!!