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Studio: Jet Set / Latin Heat Productions
Directed by: Chad Donovan
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: Argentina / U.S.A.

Valentin [Valentin Carusso]
Robinho DeSilva
Ulises Falcon
Juan Pablo
Max Schutler
Bruno Bordas

SCENE 1: Robinho DeSilva fucks Max Schutler
SCENE 2: Andres fucks Bruno Bordas
SCENE 3: Juan Pablo fucks Valentin
SCENE 4: Daxel fucks Ulises Falcon

It should be obvious by now that boys will be boys and like to fuck – the world over. It is basic to life itself. Max Schutler, the former Mr. Gay Argentina and one of firefighter hunks in Jet Set Men’s On Fire!, walks down the street and other men take notice. One cannot imagine that he would ever have to spend a night alone or long for a sexual companion. In four separate hot sexual scenes, the “boys” of Buenos Aires, starting with Max, give in to their desires and have terrific sexual experiences. It’s as natural to them as saying “Hello, what are you up to?” Gayvn Hall of Fame director Chad Donovan has sought out the hottest men in Buenos Aires and videotaped their sexual prowess for all to enjoy. Jet Set Men presents this Latin Heat Production. Marina Pacific is the distributor.

SCENE 1: Max Schutler & Robinho DeSilva
It’s night time in Buenos Aires, and Max is on the prowl. He sees Robinho leaning against a store front and checks him out. A few words are quietly spoken, and the two head off together. Only a woman sitting inside the establishment turns her head to take note. Robinho follows Max dutifully home and into his kitchen. Max sets him physically on a counter and starts in on him. They kiss and Robinho’s shirt quickly comes off. Max seeks out his dick and sucks on it. Then Robinho’s pants come off, and he is left there sitting on the counter in his underwear. Max continues giving him a blow job. Soon both men are standing on the floor, and Max is leaning over the counter, pants down to get fucked. After a long pounding on his feet, Max is seen spread-eagle on the counter and fucking in the missionary position. Max’s beautiful dick springs into action as Robinho cums. Max lets loose with even more juice as he shoots over him.

World of Men
SCENE 2: Andres fucks Bruno Bordas

Cover models Bruno and Andres are relaxing on a couch and making out. First their shirts and then their pants come off. Bruno sucks on Andres, and Andres immediately reciprocates. They both have generous big cocks and enjoy the action. Bruno leans over the convenient arm of the sofa to let Andres access his ass. Licking and sucking, he’s getting Bruno warmed up for the main event. He pushes into Bruno and fucks him kneeling right there. Bruno then lies back and spreads his legs to allow Andres to slide it in and fuck in the missionary position. Bruno loves to have a big dick shoved all the way in. They each have another go around, sucking each other’s dicks and get ready to cum. Bruno gets a final push from Andres’ fingers up his ass and spurts his load. Andres jacks off and lets loose on Bruno.

SCENE 3: Juan Pablo & Valentin
The “boys” of Buenos Aires obviously like to spend their evenings having sex. Crew cut Juan Pablo is discovered in yet another living room sitting and kissing his dark-haired friend Valentin, their shirts already off. Valentin manages to get Juan’s big hard dick out of his pants to suck on it. Their pants vanish as they have a way of doing, and they are both naked. He gives him a long blow-job, all the while jacking himself off. Valentin moves to the floor and sucks Juan some more and then licks Juan’s hot ass as he kneels on the sofa. Juan in turn fucks Valentin. Then, ready for a ride, Valentin climbs high atop Pablo as he sits on the sofa and bounces up and down. Valentin lies back on his friend, sucks on his dick, jacks off and shoots a load of thick white cum, followed by Juan.

SCENE 4: Daxel & Ulises Falcon
The unusually-named Daxel and Ulises are already going at it, turning yet another living room into a “loving room”. They’re kissing and caressing each other’s bodies. Ulises seems to be the aggressor, the man on the make. Daxel’s pants come off and his dick pops out of his shorts. His underwear comes off so that Ulises can suck on his friend. He’s got a mouthful and looks like he might take a bite out of it. Ulises’s dick is hard but hiding just out of view. Daxel sucks on Ulises and then puts him over the sofa arm to eat his ass and fuck him. Both jack off, and Daxel cums over Ulises. Soon enough, Ulises spurts himself.

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