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Studio: Randy Blue
Directed by: Randy Blue
Country of Production: U.S.A.
Year of Production / Release: 2007

Braden Charron
Reese Rideout

On-Line Only Presentation

If you have been following on the site for some time now you can’t help but notice Reese. A year ago when I approached Reese about being our first real exclusive I was not sure if he would accept the offer or how our working relationship would play out. It was completely un chartered territory for us and for him. But looking back over the past year I can honestly say it has been an incredible experience. Reese has taken on each shoot with so much zeal and passion. He can turn the dullest mundane scene into some thing hot and usually funny for the crew. Reese knew this day was coming because how can you be a porn star and not give it up at least once? How can you fuck someone and not have the slightest curiosity about being on the receiving end? The answer is you can’t. A real star gives it everything he has for the crew, for himself, and always for the fans. Reese has been a fucking machine and not one guy that has been with him has ever not enjoyed the experience. When it came time to find someone to take Reese’s cherry I knew I would have so many offers. Every guy that worked wit him weighed in with his reason why he should be chosen but in the end it was Braden who got the lucky job. Braden and Reese have some real affection for each other which is pretty evident when you see them kid and harass and work with each other. This, just so you know is Braden’s first piece of tight man ass and I suspect it wont be his last judging by the hard pounding he gave Reese. Reese takes it all like the man he is and pretty soon is begging for more! This video was worth waiting for and I don’t think Reese has ever looked better!


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