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Studio: Titan Media
Directed by: Bruce Cam
Year of Production: 2006
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Alex Baresi
Damien Crosse
Ted Colunga [Fred Fele]
Carlos [Richard Hrosik]
Miguel Sabroso
Francois Sagat
Glenn Santoro
Pierre Sias [Pierro Sias]
Don Camillo [Mateo Torres]
Julian Vincenzo
Benjamin Stark

SCENE 1: François Sagat gets captured, fucked and pissed on by Ted Colunga and Julian Vincenzo
SCENE 2: Miguel Sabroso and Glenn Santoro encounter Carlos in the forest
SCENE 3: François Sagat watches as Damien Crosse fucks both Pierre Sias and Benjamin Stark, and Pierre fucks Benjamin
SCENE 4: François Sagat joins Alex Baresi and Don Camillo

This release is just hot from start to finish. The casting and pairing is great, and it looks like all the guys were truly into each other. And, this is a great mixing of American and European studs. Filmed at a private hunting estate in the Czech Republic, these shirtless hunks roam, wander and sometimes lumber (Sagat & Colunga, who are obviously not used to running) through a vacant woods. Loose slung jeans and trousers only held up by their rock-hard erections, just sexy as all hell. The more we see this release, the more we like it. A relaxed production (unlike many recent Titan and others) that just gives the guys room to have their ways with each other. Carlos [Richard Hrosik, Karol Rok] and the others have never looked better.


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