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Studio: Titan Media
Directed by: Brian Mills
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Tony Buff
Korben David
Dean Flynn
Geoffrey Paine
Will Parker
Colin Steele
Rick Van Sant

SCENE 1: Tony Buff fucks, pisses on and beats Will Parker
SCENE 2: Dean Flynn fucks Geoffrey Paine
SCENE 3: Eduardo fucks Korben
SCENE 4: Rick Van Sant dildo-fucks Colin Steele, later they flip-fist each other
BONUS SCENE: Eduardo pisses on and fists Korben

In just three years, TitanMen’s co-branded Folsom leather/fetish line has racked up numerous awards, singlehandedly bringing high-quality fetish content into the mainstream. The studio looks to continue the amazing streak with Folsom Flesh, where artistic yet extreme action unfolds before the colorful backdrop of a dark and demented stage. Watch as eight of the industry’s hottest men — led by TitanMen exclusives Tony Buff, Eduardo, Dean Flynn, Rick van Sant and newcomer Will Parker — suck, fuck, spit, spank, piss and fist their way through a leather-filled fetish fantasy that will get under your skin.

SCENE 1: Tony Buff and Will Parker
His hands bound behind him, young newcomer Will Parker is dragged on the floor to the center of the stage by leather-clad Tony Buff: “You’re mine now.” Surrounded by dark curtains bathed in green and yellow — and a video camera that displays their dirty deeds on a nearby television — the two begin an unforgettable scene controlled by the dominant Tony, who starts by shoving his leather boot onto his bottom’s chest and groin. Tony punches the eager-to-please Will (“Hit harder! C’mon!”), who is soon begging for the top’s cock. His hands finally free, Will starts to worship and deep throat his tormenter’s big meat — his goatee soon slathered in spit. Will takes both of Tony’s huge balls into his mouth, then later lies on the table with his head leaning over the edge — the prime position for a deep face fuck that has Will gagging out a huge wad of spit and fluid. Tony pisses all over his toned conquest, followed by more sucking before the two fire off their first loads onto Tony’s leather.
   Now suspended in the air on bungee cords, Will is bound by his wrists and ankles. Tony takes charge of Will’s ass, spanking the milky white skin with three paddles to get his butt bright red. After untying Will, Tony licks the bottom’s hairy hole before fucking him from behind. Will bounces in the air, getting deep coverage that’s captured in impressive angles. Tony then lies on his back so Will can sit down on his cock. Will grabs hold of Tony’s harness to pull himself down with greater force, squeezing his beet-red cheeks tighter onto Tony’s shaft. Balancing in mid-air as he gets fucked, Will spreads out his flexible legs for Tony to support. Tony needs to piss again, staying impressively rock hard as his cock unleashes a huge stream that drenches Will’s back and head — and flies over him back onto Tony. After more fucking, the two squirt another round of cum onto Tony’s leather-clad stomach. “You’re a dirty little pig!” says Tony, spitting up at Will to end the unforgettable scene — a wet-and-wild pairing sure to be talked about all year.

SCENE 2: Dean Flynn with Geoffrey Paine
Making his way through the curtained hallways, Tony Buff follows the sound of masculine moans. He spies on muscle studs Dean Flynn and Geoffrey Paine as they grapple on the wrestling mat in nothing but harnesses and leather boots. It doesn’t take long for Dean to pin his bearded opponent, straddling Geoffrey’s face to feed him his rock-hard cock and bursting balls. On his back, the tattooed stud then travels south, planting his bristly chin inside Dean’s hole before the two 69. Dean stands and feeds his throbber to Geoffrey, whose beard gets wet with deep-throat spit. Dean then drops to his knees, his own boner pulsing as he services Geoffrey — who bounces his leather boot on Dean’s package. Dean ties Geoffrey’s shoelace around his own sac and shaft, creating a cock ring before firing his load onto his bud’s boot — which he licks up before getting a load on his back.
   Dean then takes back control, fucking Geoffrey from behind — grabbing on to the bottom’s waist as he thrusts faster. “Nice hole!” compliments Dean as Geoffrey moans louder, the two soon hitting the floor for more. The bottom jacks his stiff slab as he gets pounded on his side, then rolls on his back. The two finally squeeze out their juice, dousing Geoffrey’s hairy chest. But Dean isn’t done; he pisses down on Geoffrey, who opens his mouth and pisses himself as well. Dean steps onto Geoffrey’s chest and spits down into his mouth, leaving his companion drenched to end another aggressive scene.

SCENE 3: Eduardo with Korben
Wandering through the dark, curtained maze, Eduardo — his hairy, tan and beefy bod in assless leather chaps — spots a silhouette jacking off behind a green curtain. The muscular shadow and big cock belong to the harness-clad Korben, another hairy hottie whose throbbing meat draws Eduardo closer. Korben instantly drops to his knees for a cock-whipping, sucking the thick, uncut dick. The moaning Eduardo exerts even more control, placing his strong hand behind Korben’s head and spitting down on his own cock. With his cock throbbing, Korben gasps for air before the two kiss — and then piss all over the kneeling sex pig.
   Korben then assumes his position on the table — leather boots in the air and ass exposed — as Eduardo pounds the bottom’s hairy hole. The spirited action and masculine moans catch the attention of Dean, who jacks off his still-stiff shaft while watching around the corner. Eduardo’s muscular back and ass muscles glisten, the top getting a workout while grinding into Korben’s increasingly wet hole. After bending down for a sultry kiss, Eduardo turns Korben over — the bottom’s huge meat getting even harder as it’s splayed against the table’s edge. Eduardo grabs on to Korben’s harness while slamming away, then tenderly wraps his arms around the bottom. Korben turns over again for a final fuck, his sweaty bod soon soaked in cum.

SCENE 4: Rick Van Sant with Colin Steele
Stroking his huge meat while lounging in leather chaps against a motorcycle, Rick van Sant catches the eye of tall, dark and handsome Colin Steele. The tan voyeur makes his way over and drops down to feast on Rick’s steel rod. Rick tugs on his shaft and the two play with his foreskin before Colin deep throats him. The tall sucker — his muscular back and vein-bursting biceps filling the frame — then lies on the motorcycle to feast on Rick’s cock some more. Colin’s steel slab is ready to burst, a strand of shiny pre-cum dripping down his shaft. He fingers his dick head to show off more pre-cum strands before the two squirt, with Rick’s wad landing on Colin’s massive arm. Not nearly wet enough, the two piss — with Colin firing a stream into his own mouth.
   Now in a sling, Colin’s cock continues to throb as his hole gets a tongue bath from Rick — who then fucks his bud. Colin unleashes a steady stream of manly grunts and dirty talk, his deep voice providing a steamy soundtrack that makes the already combustible scene even hotter. Rick then screws a dildo into Colin, whose ass hairs cling to the powerful tool as it gets shoved in and out with speed and force. Rick then slips on his gloves and lubes up, spreading Colin’s hole with his fingers before sliding his fist inside. Colin’s pleasure-filled face stares at Rick, who grinds his arm deeper. With his left fist still planted inside, Rick twists his body until his own ass faces Colin — who wastes no time sliding his hand into Rick for an unforgettable fisting 69.
   Colin soon fires off his load before offering the sling to Rick, who lies down for more fisting that gets his bright red rosebud puckering for the camera. Colin steadily alternates his fists punching in and out, and the stroking Rick soon blows his load before the two kiss to end another extreme encounter.

A new 14-minute scene between passionate pair Eduardo and Korben ignites the screen with more fucking, pissing and dildo play that has Korben writhing in ecstasy. The behind-the-scenes footage is highlighted by a moment between Tony Buff and Will Parker. Trailers, a cumshot compilation and a look at TitanMen Tools and TitanMen Lube complete the package.
   (NOTE: Fisting, watersports, spanking, restraints, behind the scenes footage, and bonus scene only on DVD director’s expanded edit and on Blu-ray™, both available at Blu-ray™ allows the option of viewing either the director’s expanded edit or the retail edit of Folsom Flesh.)


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