Bulldog TRAINED Jake Bolton Bruno Fox Bulldog TRAINED Jake Bolton Bruno Fox

Studio: Bulldog
Directed by: Ashley Ryder
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: Great Britain

Jake Bolton
Bruno Fox
Foster Rivera [Fostter Riviera]
Billy Rubens
Jace Tyler


SCENE 1: Jake Bolton fucks Jace Tyler

Boyfriends Jake and Jace are asleep its Saturday morning and it’s a well-deserved lye in but not for Jake who loves to run. Waking up he jump into the shower makes a coffee for his sleeping beauty and sets of round the park for his regular morning run. When the sweat starts to drip down his big muscled hairy body he decides it’s about time to head home and see his man. Finding Jace awake and sipping on the cup he left for him he jumps on the bed to get undressed but Jace never could resist the sweet smell of jakes sweaty muscular body after he has lapped the park. Ripping of jakes sportswear he goes down on his boyfriends thick cock. Tasting every drop of his sweat of his glistening balls and dick. Jake takes his man and returns the favour and sucks on Jace’s boy meat out of control Jace gives Jake his hole and with his big wet tongue sticks it deep into his pink ring until it is wet enough to take his man cock.
   Jake fucks him deep the sweat dripping down his body and onto Jace. Just when his ass Is giving into to his cock and starts to open Jake puts on a glove and opens it up wider with his fingers. Stretching it till Jace can’t take any more of his boyfriend’s big manly hands. He turns around and shoots his creamy load over jakes hairy chest. Jake shoots and covers his own chest in in cum mixing it among the hair with his best boys seed.

SCENE 2: Jace Tyler & Koltes flip-fuck

Best friends Jace and Koltes have not been apart since school and they always meet on Saturday to throw a ball around in the park. Not holding back they tackle each other to the floor in the desperately trying to win the ball from each other. Sometimes their games can get a little too rough and when Jace is pinned to the floor he realises that Koltes has cut his lip and as their game is called to an end it starts to rain. Grabbing their belongings they head back to Jace’s house to escape the rain. Cold and wet they enter to Jace’s bedroom. Towelling down there are some longing glances from Jace and as he asks if Koltes’s lip is ok he does what he has been waiting to do since high school and kisses Koltes, Koltes returns the kiss and does what he has only wanked about since he knew Jace and sucks Jace’s cock deep and wet. Ending up in a 69 the two boys enjoy what they have wanted to get their hands on for years. Full of passion and with all those years of wasted sexual tension to catch up on they take it in turns now to fuck each other until their holes are loose enough to take more. They slip on gloves and decide to see how much they can get in their tight boy holes. When both reach their max point they shoot hot cum over each other.

SCENE 3: Jake Bolton solo

Ashley Ryder is back and playing his twisted games again. Jake is in the locker room of the gym getting undress from a long work out alone. Suddenly the door locks. Suddenly aware that something is not right he shouts out for the who has locked it thinking that they might not realise that he is in there. But This is all a set up. Sudenly a distorted voice comes over a load speaker and Jakes fear of something more sinister come to a reality. Being told he is being filmed and watched at all times by his capture he is told that the only way the door will be opened is to play the game. Agreeing to his fate he is shown where a key is hidden and realising that It opens a locker he opens it and the game becomes completely real. 3 big didoes and the only way to release that door are to lube up each one and stretch his tight man cunt over each one. The first one is easy but they get harder and harder and a as the sweat of his endurance starts to bead on his forehead and chest he endeavours through his fate and rips open his hole till he is bouncing up and down on each toy. His man hole rolling back and forward over the ridges and bumps that the toys have to offer. This is one tough arsenal kit. When the final toy it’s almost all the way in and he can take not more he shoots his load and creams over himself. The door is opened and he is free to go.

SCENE 4: Bruno Fox & Billy Rubens fist-fuck Foster Rivera

Billy and Bruno are the head jocks for their collage team. Having spent a full days practice on the field they head back to the locker room to get changes messing around with their dirty sports kits they barely notice skinny foster come in. but Foster sure notices them and their smelly kit mainly. When they 2 boys hit the shower foster snatches their dirty sock and jocks and is hard before he can really get a full lung of their man sweat. He pulls out a dildo from his locker and with every gulp of his rich man air he pushes the toy deep into his tight hole. His lips give to he ridges of the toy and every time he pushes it deeper and deeper thinking that it’s the cocks that belong to this rich smell. Bruno and Billy return and find foster messing with their it finding it funny they offer him the real deal and within seconds foster is pushed to his knees as these star players sword fight in his mouth. The pre cum flows and when they flip him onto the weights bench they take it in turns to fuck his hole making what was just a fantasy a horny reality for foster. Seeing the size of the toy they think it is only fair to get Foster’s hole well and truly worked over. Bruno pulls a glove out of his kit bag and encourages Billy to follow suit. When both players are gloved they finger his hole to the max what happens next ends in torrents of cum. But not before Jace comes into the locker room to get his bag finding 2 of the star players 4 finger deep in fosters hole he joins them for a team tag session.

SCENE 5: Jace Tyler fucks & Fist-fucks Foster Rivera
Billy and Bruno leave to shower once more after getting covered in lube. Jace having arrived at the end of the action pushes foster back onto the bench as he tries to follow the other two. Taking off the glove and grabbing Foster’s cock he takes Foster’s cock right down his neck. Once he has tasted what this boy is made of he offers his dick to foster and foster eagerly takes the offer and swallows as much meat as he can down his tight throat. Jace having not felt Foster hole around his cock yet takes the opportunity now and flips him onto his back and drives his cock right to the balls in Foster’s ass. Just when foster thinks things can’t go on for much longer as how can his hole take much more? Jace pulls out another glove and offers his big jock hands for one last stretch. Consider it a warm down. Warming his hole up 1 2 3 4 fingers he stretches fosters hole till he blows a load the underwear he was wear. Standing up Jace hits the 4-yard line with his load and touches down on Foster’s chest. Taking the underwear with the sticky treat he stuffs it into his bag and leaves Foster to pick up the pieces.

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