Bulldog SNATCHED JP Dubois Michel Rudin  Tyson Tyler Marco Sessions Riley Coxx Luke Desmond Billy Rubens Koltes

Studio: Bulldog
Directed by: Ashley Ryder
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: Great Britain

Riley Coxx
Luke Desmond
JP Dubois
Billy Rubens
Michel Rudin
Marco Sessions
Tyson Tyler

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The estates of South London have never been more unsafe, but if the gang members who take their boys to the den are anything to go by, it’s under threat from a flood of spunk and lube. Subjected to ass stretching of epic proportions, huge dicks double fucking you and enough fingers in your hole to play the piano with, it’s not always a bad thing to be taken away! Faces filled with throat fucking dick and spurts of spunk leaving to saturated with the stuff from black guys, white guys and middle eastern fuckers, no-one’s safe and the unlucky ones are left in the den, surrounded by used dildos, gaping holes and covered in cum!

SCENE 1: JP Dubois, Michel Rudin
Followed through the streets of South London, JP has a feeling of being watched, and he’ll be right! Masked stud Michel is right behind him and catches him in a lift, making him his bitch for the evening. Tied down like a good boy, his ass is spread wide in the air, ripped into a full exposure of his milky white smooth skin. Michel isn’t quite ready for that ass though, as he moves to his pretty young face, filling it with his huge dark meat, making JP dribble all over his as he’s throat fucked hard on the dirty mattress. This hairy muscled fucker has a whole plan laid out for his latest captive and JP can only lay there and take what’s coming to him, be it spit in his mouth, cock in his mouth and ass, or even a thick blue dildo shoved up his tight hole. Working his boy further than his been taken before, both guys end up shooting their loads in a mutual appreciation of this chance encounter!

SCENE 2: Tyson Tyler, Marco Sessions, Riley Coxx
The masked gang have their latest victim already being held in position for a great throat fuck from black stud Tyson Tyler, his thick meat making Marco moan out loud as he’s shared between him and fellow gangland stud Riley Coxx. Pinned down and swallowing as much dick as is presented to him, hairy Arabesque Riley pulls his sweatpants down as Tyson strips him on his sweater, leaving their boy butt naked, his smooth ass and delicious pink hole perfect for ass-hungry Riley to devour. Tyson is more than happy to keep face fucking this trade, the more dick he takes the more ass play he gets from Riley, a perfect compromise for all bottom boys out there. Raised up to give us the best view, Riley fingers Marco; first one finger, then 2, building up to a shared fingering of up to 5 fingers all poking his hole wide, getting him nice and open and wet with spit, ready for dick! Subjected to Riley’s hard fucking as Tyson keeps his ass cheeks spread open for us, and his mate to get even deeper until Tyson pulls Marco’s face to his crotch and jerks right over him, spunking on his face!

SCENE 3: Luke Desmond
Finding himself in a den of sex toys, Luke hears a disembodied voice telling him exactly what’s to be expected of him, and he keenly obeys these orders. Spreading his young cheeks apart and showing his hole to the camera, it’s a perfect site for any arse-lover, and the next barrage of orders are deigned to make Luke submit his hole entirely to the voice’s whim. Surrounded by Crackstuffer toys, they do exactly what they are designed to, starting from the smallest, Luke quickly goes through the range until his hole can’t stretch any more, but this boy can really take a lot up his arse! With great close-ups of it wrapping around the biggest blue shaft, his boyish hole is spread wider than ever, and he loves every second of this submission, his giant dick twitching and throbbing with every bounce on top of the massive toy, showing us the gaping space where they have been moments before he takes the biggest one there, and the biggest of his life, but he slides down it slowly, showing just how willing he is to please. Don’t miss the cum soaked trainers and his ass swallowing the dildo as his ass spasms in climax.

SCENE 4: Tyson Tyler & Riley Coxx dildo-fuck / fuck Marco Sessions
The boys haven’t finished with Marco Sessions just yet as he’s still tied down in the sex den. Black stud Tyson and Arab dude Riley return to submit their boy to some more assplay, and they are barely in the room before the giant dildos make an appearance, and disappearance into Marco’s butt as his legs are held high and his hole exposed and taken advantage of. Riley’s hot hairy body looks awesome as he holds Marco in place, and Tyson’s toned arms flex as he pushes Marco to the brink, showing his gaping hole to us in full view, the monster toy lubed up and sliding in and out of that smooth hole with no friction at all, leaving Marco turned on and feeding off Riley’s dick all the while. Riley wants in on the ass action and replaces that toy with his stiff dick, letting Tyson give a real mouthful of dark meat to their boy as he’s spit roasted on the mattress he’s found himself on. Edged repeatedly as Tyson holds him down and Riley lubes up his dick and strokes it up and down, building him close to orgasm but not quite letting him until he can’t take more and explodes his balls all over himself

SCENE 5: Billy Rubens & Luke Desmond DP Koltes
A new day, and a new boy is brought to the den, this time by more twinky gang members Billy and Luke. Stripping him of his clothes, ripping them off him and showing an ass that screams for hard action, dark featured Koltes is the object of their attention and is immediately put to work sucking dick and getting his ass eaten. Billy slaps his stiff dick over Koltes’ face and Luke buries his young face in his hole before swapping over and getting his huge dick shared with by the very cock hungry bottom boy. As the gang gets naked themselves, Luke is the first to fuck Koltes, looking scared by the size of that slab of meat coming towards him, he’s taking it to the hilt and even pushes back, wanting more inside him as he’s throat fucked by Billy at the same time! This scene moves so quickly the boys swop places before you know it, all the while Billy barking orders at his bitch to take it or suck it, whichever he’s not doing to his best. Finally, the boys decide to really show Koltes who’s in charge, with Billy pulling him on top of him and Luke sneaking in from behind and sliding inside him too, filling Koltes with two dicks, double fucking the life out of him repeatedly and without mercy, Luke’s 9” as deep as possible next to Billy’s dick already stretching his ass wide. Fucking him with a giant blue dildo, Koltes won’t be able to sit right for a week after this ass workout from his boys in charge, but from the pleasure we get in watching his hole gape open, we don’t even care!


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