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UK Hot Jocks Gay Porn Star BUZZCOCKS Adam Nivad Dave Circus Jace Tyler Jake Kelvin Jonny Kingdom Kayden Gray Riley Tess

Studio: UK Hot Jocks
Directed by: Sam Barclay & JP Dubois
Year of Production / Release: 2014
Country of Production: Great Britain

Dave Circus
Kayden Gray
Jake Kelvin
Jonny Kingdom
Adam Nivad
Riley Tess
Jace Tyler

Getting your hair cut means a lot to a man, it makes you feel confident, complete and ready to take on the world. Theres something about a regular visit to the barbers that keeps you in check, on top of your appearance and prepared for any action. Jonny and Jace at Buzzcocks, take good care of their clients, wether that’s getting them ready for a date at a moments notice or taking special care of them by other means, they keep them happy! It’s no wonder they have so many regulars. Scissors rattle, Barbacide trembles and spunk goes flying at Buzzcocks.

UK Hot Jocks Gay Porn Star BUZZCOCKS
SCENE 1 – TRIMMED AND RIMMED: Jace Tyler rides Kayden Gray

Kayden pops in to the barbers for his weekly trim from Jonny, he’s running late so instructs Jace to look after him until he arrives. Which he does with gusto! Jace had been looking him up and down since he came in the shop and he’ll take any excuse to straddle him in the chair. He offers to ‘get him prepped’ as an excuse to put him where he wants him. It doesn’t take him long to pump him up, lay him back in the chair and hop on!
   They suck and 69 in the barbers chair, it’s super adjustable so perfect for that! Kayden pushes him forward and gets a face full of Jace’s arse, loosening him up for what’s to come. Jace then sits right deep down on Kaydens super sized dick, riding him like he’s stolen him and stretching his hole to new limits. Getting Kayden out of the chair he drives backwards into him taking all 9.5” in doggy, deeper than before. Kayden slam fucks him, flattening him into the chair and practically pounding him through the floor. The look on Jaces face is priceless and intense, right until the cum soaked end!

UK Hot Jocks Gay Porn Star BUZZCOCKS
SCENE 2 – FUCK ON THE FIRST DATE: Adam Nivad fucks Riley Tess

Pretty much does what it says on the tin!
   Adam has a big date tonight and takes himself to his regular barbers to make sure he’s looking neat and tidy. Jonny has been cutting his hair for years so Adam tells him what he’s up to. He’s looking to get laid tonight and makes no secret of it! Adam waits patiently at the restaurant he’s chosen until Riley arrives. There’s some initial first date nerves and awkwardness but as the wine flows so does the conversation and over the candle-lit table flirting. These guys are clearly into each other so after dinner they go back to Adams for “coffee”. i.e. a hard fuck! The clothes go flying and so do the inhibitions, what may start off like sweet first-date sex turns into a hard pounding for Riley and he can’t get enough! They fuck on the sofa in Adams plush flat, building up the aggression and a hearty sweat. If only all first dates were this good!

UK Hot Jocks Gay Porn Star BUZZCOCKS
SCENE 3 – CROPPED AND TOPPED: Dave Circus fucks Jonny Kingdom

Jonny thinks Dave has just come in for a quick tidy up but Dave has something else in mind. As the scissors start to snip Dave starts to work himself up under the black barbers gown, discreetly playing under his makeshift tent. Only after Jonny has finished he realises the real work is about to begin! Spinning him around in the chair he immediately gets on his knees to service Daves fat cock, sucking and slurping away. Returning the favour, Jonny stands up and gets his massive dick sucked too. Stripping off Jonny bends over the barbers chair and takes a solid banging from Dave, hard cock bouncing between his legs and sweat dripping down their faces. Then Jonny wants to climb up onto caves cock, taking him even deeper… I’m betting this chair has seen a lot of action!

UK Hot Jocks Gay Porn Star BUZZCOCKS
SCENE 4 – WASHED AWAY IN A DAYDREAM: Jace Tyler fucks Jake Kelvin

Sometimes you get a customer you could only dream of getting into bed, Jake Kelvin is one such client of Buzzcocks. Jace washes his hair and thinks of what he’d really like to be doing with him. As he runs his fingers through his curly black locks he drifts off into sexy daydream of what could be…He imagines a very dreamy scene indeed. In a white space in tight white briefs Jake and Jace kiss, caress and work up some heavenly magic. Floating on what seems like a cloud, the briefs come down and the dicks go up. Tight, ripped bodies writing over each other, abs grinding and cock slurping. In his dream Jace bends Jake over and fucks his perfectly muscular butt, gets him to sit on his ridged cock then missionaries him until they spray their loads in and over Jakes tight, deep abs. Back in the real world, Jake is starting to wonder why it’s taking so long to wash his damn hair and why Jace is breathing so heavily! Snapping out of it, Jace comes-to, a little embarrassed but with a cheeky, dreamy post-sex smile 😉

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