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CABIN FEVER Danny Ray Studio 2000

Studio: Studio 2000
Directed by: Danny Ray
Year of Production / Release: 2007

Chose Armando
Georgio Black
Jeffrey Connery
Joe Donovan
Roger Gharney [Kamil Fox]
Chicky Hard
Tom Hawai
Drago Lambeck
Gary McAdams
Jay Renfro
Richy Rich [Richie Rich]
Erik Schaffer
Nico Sideropulus
Mario Rafaelli [Sergej Ural]
Robin Usher

SCENE 1: Jeffrey Connery (bottom), Gary McAdams (top), Mario Rafaelli [Sergej Ural] (top)
SCENE 2: Richy Rich [Richie Rich] (bottom), Robin Usher (top), Joe Donovan (top)
SCENE 3: Drago Lambeck [Drago Lembeck] and Nico Sideropulus flip-fuck
SCENE 4: Chicky Hard (bottom), Chose Armando (bottom), Erik Schaffer (top)
SCENE 5: Roger Gharney [Kamil Fox] (top), Georgio Black (bottom), Tom Hawai (top), Jay Renfro (bottom/DP)

Danny Ray’s No-Touch cum movie. Every scene and almost every cum-shot is basically a No-Touch set-up…. some more notably successful than others… Nico Sideropulus and Joe Donovan mastering the technique on cue (Bravo!). All scenes feature All-Oral Action and then All-Anal, with many an erection just spurtin’ that jizz several times throughout. And never having seen Nude, Hard-On Wood cutting before, Scene 4 offers some humor from big-boned Chose Armando and Chicky Hard.

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