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Studio: 1R Media / Xtreme Productions
Directed by: Afton Nills
Year of Production / Release: 2006
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Blaze Corgan
Tory Mason
Turk Melrose [Turk Mason]
Jason Raze
Johnny Roark
Mike Styles
Winter Vance [Vance Winter]

The guys are all having a sleep over at Camp Afton Nills, sharing stories of some of their sexual encounters.
First up is Johnny with his story about him and his buddy last year at summer camp. This first scene starts off with two hot 19 year old newcomers, Mike Styles and Johnny Roark. Johnny shows Mike some footage he shot of his friend jerking off in the woods. Mike picks up the camera with an idea, to film each other. The mine’s bigger then your’s scenario leads to some cock sucking. “You ever butt fucked before?” Johnny asks Mike. Mike, being the virgin he is, says no but is willing to give it a try. They lube up Johnny’s cock and Mike rides it cowboy style until he blows his load all over his buddy’s chest. Mike lies down and Johnny kneels over Mike and blows one of the biggest and hottest cum shots, covering Mike’s chest and stomach.
   We return back to the tent with the guys and Winter shares his story about his Euro trip with his pal Turk Melrose. Turk goes into the next room, bored with the card playing he and the guys have been playing for the past few hours. Winter jumps on the bed and asks his buddy why he got up and left. Being bored with the other game, Winter comes up with a new game to play… truth or dare. They begin with a dare to suck each other’s toes. Then a dare for Winter to kiss Turk on the cheek. Winter ups the ante, and dares Turk to suck on his ear. Turk returns with a dare to suck on his nipple. Winter comes back with a dare to suck on his tongue. Then the old dare, show me yours and I’ll show you mine which leads into a 30-second dare of cock sucking, leading to a full blown suck off between the two hotties.
   We return back to the guys in the tent. Blaze Corgan throws out, “So who do you think has the biggest cock?” Some comparison ensues, and Blaze takes his turn sucking Jason, Winter, and Johnny. Turk joins in and starts sucking Winter, then they all join in on sucking each other. Hot cock sucking turns into a huge circle jerk between the five of them, each blowing their loads one by one.
   Lastly is a hot solo scene with sexy Tory Mason. He wanted to show off his hot body, so we begin with him doing some sit ups. You’ll quickly see how hot this guy’s body is as he crunches one after the other. He takes his shirt off, does some more sit ups, finding himself aroused. He whips out his hard cock and starts stroking it, then flips over and starts humping the sleeping bag and rubbing his hard cock and forth. He flips over, and shoots his load all over his stomach.”


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