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Studio: All Worlds
Directed by: Uncredited
Year of Production / Release: 2007

Lukas Fil
Jozef [Eric Flower]
Karel Rok [Richard Hrosik]
Tomas Patrik [Olda Koruna] Libor
Kamil Misl
Ondra Mol
David Mots
Rene Rap
Petr Strom
Jan Lasto [Viktor Vesely]
Lukas Cerny [Marc Vidal]

David Mots may be credited as: Petr Strom
Tommy is credited as: Martin in Opening Credits

SCENE 1: Stefan (bottom), Karel Rok (top) and Tomas Patrik [Olda Koruna] (top/bottom) are eagerly sucking each other’s cocks and then take turns fucking one another on a sofa.
SCENE 2: Tony does a slow strip tease showing off his hot muscular body for the camera. He settles down on a sofa and takes his time stroking himself off until he shoots a huge load on his chest.
SCENE 3: Michal is soaping up in the shower and gets a little turned on. He takes matters into his own hands and strokes out a big load.
SCENE 4: Jozef [Eric Flower] (bottom) and Jim (top) are in a garage where Jozef is doing some work on Jim’s car. Jozef is more into checking out what’s going on in Jim’s pants than what’s going on under the hood of the car.
SCENE 5: Bill is taking a walk in the woods and decides strip down and fully enjoy nature. He finds a quiet spot and works his uncut cock until he blows a big load.
SCENE 6: Libor is walking through a field, on his way back from a ball game. He’s horny from seeing all the hot jocks in action so strips down to show of his hot lean body. Under the blazing sun he works his cock until he shoots a big load.
SCENE 7: Kamil Misl (bottom) and Petr Strom (top) are fishing. They end up falling in the water and get soaking wet so they get naked and lay their clothes out to dry. Since they are already naked they decide they might as well fuck and have some fun!
SCENE 8: Lukas Cerny [Marc Vidal] is kicking back reading a book but he finds a better way to spend his time. He slowly works himself up and then strips down to play with his cock. Lukas takes the action into his bedroom and beats his cock until he sprays a load all over his chest.
SCENE 9: Ondra Mol is relaxing on his bed. He is fresh from a shower and slips out of his robe. After massaging his bubble butt he flips over and strokes his cock until he shoots.
SCENE 10: Jan Lasto [Viktor Vesely] (bottom), Karel Rok (top) and Martin (top/bottom) have a hot three way on a sofa. Martin does an amazing job sucking his buddy’s cocks and then he lets Jan ride his ass. Karel wants a shot at Martin’s ass, so he fucks him until Martin shoots a gooey load all over Jan.
SCENE 11: Tommy wanders out of the woods into a clearing where he decides to catch a few rays from the sun. The warm rays beating down on him get him horny and he decides to take care of his hard dick right there.
SCENE 12: Jarek wakes up with some morning wood so he decides to play with it and start his day off right!
SCENE 13: Lukas Fil (top) and Rene Rap (bottom) are in a bar at closing time. Lukas says he’s been checking out Rene while he was bartending. Since no one is around they decide to close the place down and have some fun.


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