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Studio: AMG Brasil
Directed by: Dennis Bell
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: Brasil / U.S.A.

Anderson Alves
Jack Benelli
Rick Garcia
Max Kairon
Lucas Lucky
Marcelo Mastro
Ricardo Onça
Junior Ronaldo
Jeff Silva

SCENE 1: Junior Ronaldo tops Jack Benelli
SCENE 2: Marcelo Mastro tops Lucas Lucky
SCENE 3: Jeff Silva and Rick Garcia flip-fuck
SCENE 4: Ricardo Onça and Anderson Alves top and “Spit-Roast” Max Kairon

Catalog: #BZL-014
Availability: Ships late April 2008

CARNAVAL (Portuguese) noun.
1. A festival marked by merrymaking and processions of revelers in varying states of undress.
2. The biggest, sexiest party on Earth.
Crowds of hot, half naked Brazilians, dressed in feathers and sequins alone, flood the streets of Ipanema. They dance around and atop massive multi-colored floats, shouting, singing and sometimes screaming at the teaming masses that surround them. Beer flows like water, boys strip to nothing at a moment’s notice, and the chanting and cheering of thousands, if not millions, of Cariocas can be heard for miles along the beach. No, this isn’t the Rio de Janeiro gay pride parade; it’s Carnaval, the biggest, sexiest party on Earth.

Scene 1:
Slender, agile, Junior Ronaldo takes a break from the crowd to grab a cold drink. He finds a coconut tree in the distance and proceeds to extract one of its big green fruits. First he slips out of his skin-tight sunga, then he kicks at the base of the tree with his slim but powerful legs until a coconut falls from its fronds. It drops right into his hands and he lobs off the top with a machete. As he pours the nut juice down his throat, Jack Benelli, a perfectly tanned, compact and muscular young man approaches. He asks for a taste of Junior’s juice and gets a face-full. Soaked in coconut water, Jack engages Junior in a capoeira sparring match. Both men now naked, playfully kick and jab at each other, feet and fists flying until Junior tires and hits the ground.
   Jack straddles Junior’s heaving chest and pins his arms next to his head. The two kiss and within minutes a playful fight turns into a passionate fuck. Junior moves over to a nearby tree and rests his bare back against its trunk while Jack kneels in front of him, sucking his massive member. Jack eagerly strokes his own cock as he sucks Junior’s with the passion and intensity of a prizefighter just blows away from the belt.
   Before he can get too carried away, Junior pulls Jack to his feet, pushes him against the tree and spreads his legs to reveal an eager, pulsating hole. He alternates between flicking the boy’s asshole with his tongue, and penetrating it with his slender fingers. With two of Junior’s fingers buried to the hilt in Jack’s tight little hole, the boy looks as if he might blow, but it’s not time yet. First Junior must get a taste of his man meat.
   After a mind-blowing BJ, Junior lifts Jack off his feet and carries him to a dried up fountain just a few yards away. He sits down and lowers his pint-sized partner onto his throbbing member. From there they move to their feet. Jack grabs the edge of the fountain as Junior slams his dick deep inside. From there they move to the ground and Junior jackhammer’s Jack until Junior explodes on the boy’s chest. Jack follows suit combining the seed on his chest. Satisfied and refreshed, they grab their masks, douse themselves with glitter and head back to the street to rejoin the festivities.

Scene 2:
A man with bulging muscles and milky white skin stands near a stairwell, the sounds of Samba blasting in the background. Lucas Lucky has stepped away from the street momentarily to take a leak in private. He’ll soon find out that he’s not alone.
   Lucas puts one hand on the stairwell in front of him and the other on his silky smooth dick as he prepares to pee. As the stream of piss begins to flow, a figure appears in the shadows wearing a rubber dog mask. The dog is horse-hung Marcelo Mastro (Suruba: Agua). He stands just out of sight rubbing his cock through his sunga. It’s not long before Lucas catches the dirty dog out of the corner of his eye and invites him over to get a better view. Just as the last drop of piss drips from Lucas’ mushroom tip, Marcelo – now out of costume – simultaneously grabs his partner’s dick and licks his chest. Obviously turned on by Marcelo’s advances, Lucas takes the lead and works his mouth over the stranger’s massive appendage.
   It’s not long before Marcelo has turned the tables. He kneels in front of the muscle-bound man and sucks his cock. His own stands straight up. Lucas turns around to reveal an astonishingly round and perfectly smooth bubble butt and Marcelo wastes no time burying his head in the milky mounds. He pulls his tongue out and replaces it with one finger at first and then two. His hole sufficiently prepped, Lucas bends at the waist, grabs the railing of the stairwell and prepares to be penetrated. Marcelo delivers in a big way forcing his coke-bottle of a cock into Lucas’ lucky hole. He drives his massive member deep into Lucas until he can no longer stand. He grabs a wooden ladder and props it against the wall, he lays his back against it and Marcelo lifts his ass into the air, again slamming his cock inside Lucas’ anxious cavity. With pressure building against his prostate, Lucas blows his load soaking his chest. Marcelo pulls out and shoots on the grateful young bottom as he kneels before him. He grabs his mask and heads back to the street as Lucas sits, covered in cum beneath the stairs.

Scene 3:
Cut to the beach where a slim but well-built young man, cover boy Rick Garcia wearing a gold mask, traverses a crowd of revelers. He saunters off the beach to a private outdoor shower and strips down to nothing. His supple ass cheeks glisten as the cool water flows over his tight muscles. Sufficiently refreshed, he steps out into the sun where he finds bronzed stud, Jeff Silva sunbathing. He approaches and without a word shoves his cock in the boy’s face. Rick plays with his foreskin as Jeff sucks on his swollen cock and ample balls. Enticed by the pole, Jeff turns to Rick’s hole. Sweat drips from his brow as he forcefully licks and flicks the pink pucker with his salivating tongue. From taste to touch, Jeff slams his cock inside the boy’s wet hole, pounding him repeatedly. It’s clear that Jeff is enjoying himself, but in order to be completely fulfilled, he’s got to take it too. He bends over the table that Rick was just splayed out on and spreads his cheeks. He teases the boy’s hole before slamming his cock in all the way to the base. After a few forcible thrusts, Rick pulls out, blows his load on Jeff’s back, slaps his ass, and walks away.

Scene 4:
In an abandoned shack somewhere in Rio, two men celebrate Carnaval all by themselves, or so they think. Ricardo Onça wearing an over-sized gorilla mask tears into Max Kairon’s bubble butt. Max, also masked in a plastic George W. Bush number, moans to the rhythm of Ricardo’s pounding. As the two engage in what seems like a secret ceremony, Anderson Alves appears in a doorway. He looks on jacking himself off as the masked duo continue to fuck. He caresses his cock as he focuses in on a third mask on the other side of the room. He imagines himself a third party in this bizarre ritual, fucking away under the equally over-sized duck mask. The fantasy turns to reality when Ricardo realizes that he and Max are not alone. He points at the intruder, then to the mask and finally at Max.
   Anderson follows Ricardo’s lead, and after slipping into the paper maché sheath, crams his cock in Max’s mouth. It’s a delightful and disturbing sight as the Commander in Chief gets fucked from both ends. Finally the boys take off their masks and the real fun begins. Anderson and Ricardo take turns filling either hole. They fuck Max so hard that it’s a wonder his moans aren’t cries of pain. They throw him around like a rag doll, slapping him as they rip his ass open. After forcing Max to gag while trying to take both dicks in his mouth at once, Anderson and Ricardo pull out and shower him with white hot jizz.
   As the camera pulls away from the threesome, the sounds of Carnaval seep in, reminding us that this party never ends.


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    hola gente de brasil yo de argentina queriendo disfrutar de la muy buena carne de marcelo mastro ¡¡¡