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Studio: Jet Set / Latin Heat Productions
Directed by: Chad Donovan
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Alejandro Bravo
Robinho DeSilva
Lucas Fabian
Damian [Damian Ferreyra] Dominic Pacifico
Thomy A [Pablo Thomas]
Steven Waye
David West

SCENE 1: Steven Waye fucks Dominic Pacifico who later fucks David West
SCENE 2: Andres fucks Damian [Damian Ferreyra] SCENE 3: Robinho DeSilva fucks Thomy Achaval [Pablo Thomas] SCENE 4: Lucas Fabian and Alejandro Bravo flip-fuck

Release Date: 11/17/2008

What’s the big attraction? Why do so many gay men find Latin men so sexy and appealing? Could it be their beautiful tan skin, their full, sensuous lips, their smooth muscular bodies, or their dark, seductive eyes? Or could it possibly be the super-sized cocks that so many of them seem to have? Whatever it is, Director Chad Donovan is hooked on them too and loves to cruise around Buenos Aires, focusing his camera on these super men and capturing the sex as it unfolds. His latest DVD — CASA DE SEX — is evidence of his fascination, as he photographs four hot, sexual encounters among 9 men, – 3 duos and a 3-way – that take place in and outside a “casa” in the capital city. Marina Pacific distributes this sexual getaway.

As the movie begins, sex is already in progress in the alley outside the house where the rest of the scenes take place. Three hot Latin studs, stripped to the waist, are already going at it, kissing and groping one another. Steven and the younger David are both focused on Dominic, the bearded hottie at the center of this happening. They’re hemmed in by the trash container, a garage door, a metal drum and some used tires, but it certainly doesn’t slow them down. Dominic sucks on Steven’s nipple then kisses David. Steven drops to his knees and pulls Dominic’s pants down so that he can suck his big, already erect dick. David gets his long thinner uncut cock out, and Steven takes a turn sucking it as Dominic and David kiss. Steven’s dick is out now too. Dominic plays with David’s ass. All three are totally into each other – David sucking on Steven and them Dominic sucking on David. They switch, and David is now rimming Dominic who is rimming Steven. Dominic switches to fuck the young David who sucks Steven. And around they go until they all jack off and cum on the tire. Before they go their separated ways, Dominic addresses the camera and says, “Hi, I’m Dominic, and this is David and Steven. Wait until you meet the rest of my friends.”

Super smooth-skinned Andres and scruff-faced Damian are naked and going at it in the hot pink entrance hall of the house. As they kiss and grope, Damian undoes Andres’s pants and pulls his big dick out of his shorts. Andres seems more interested in Damian’s ass and exposes that. Damian sucks Andres’s nipples and dick, deep throating his sizable appendage and stroking his own cock at the same time. Andres returns the favor and, kneeling down, sucks on Damian’s uncut cock, with time out for an occasional kiss. Damian bends Andres over the hall table to rim his hot ass, which in turn leads to Andres going for his friend’s ass and pounding him in the same position over the table. They finish standing side by side and jacking off.

In another part of “the casa” are Robinho and Thomy (the bearded one in this scene), caught in the middle of getting it on. Semi-naked and own to their shorts, the two are standing and kissing, big bulges growing between their legs. Robinho is muscular and super-hung, and Thomy lusts for him, and especially his dick. He is sucking on that bulge through his shorts. He finally unleashes Robinho’s great cock and takes it in hand, going down on as much of it as he can manage. “Si si”, moans Robinho. His dick keeps growing as Thomy keeps going. He actually manages to deep-throat and swallow his entire ‘sword’. But what Tommy really wants is for Robinho to rim his hole open and fuck his ass. He kneels on an easy chair to allow Robinho easy access. Robinho coaxes Thomy’s hairless hole open with his tongue, sheathes his dick with a condom and pushes it slowly in. After he gets it in, he starts off fucking gently, working to fit it all in, gradually increasing his thrust. Finally, Thomy flips over on the chair and gets Robinho to fuck him missionary style as he jacks off, gripping tightly onto the chair. They end their time together stroking orgasms out of their own dicks – Robinho dropping his cum on Thomy’s leg and Thomy shooting over himself.

Lucas and Alejandro are off in yet another room going at it. Lucas has a unique look for 2008, that of a crew-cut blond muscular hunk with thick sensuous lips and pale smooth-skin – almost a throw back to the Armed Forces poster guys in the 1940’s. Alejandro has ‘the bearded look’ in this scene. Both guys are shirtless, and it’s only minutes before Alejandro goes down on the now naked Lucas’s thick dick. Lucas sits on a little sofa, so Alejandro can suck some more. Then Lucas turns around to provide Alejandro access to his butt for for some deep rimming. Alejandro takes a turn sitting then and sucking on Lucas who is now standing before him, and jacking himself off at the same time. It is unsure at this point just who’s going to top whom, but as it turns out, it’s going both ways. First, Lucas pounds Alejandro’s butt as he kneels ass-out on the sofa. Then Lucas sits and rides on Alejandro, shoving his dick up Lucas’s ass as he caresses his body and tweaks his nipples. Alejandro finally jacks off and cums on himself. Lucas then kneels, jacks off and cums on Alejandro.


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