Cazzo Film Berlin HARD PLAY Cazzo Film Berlin HARD PLAY

Studio: Cazzo Film Berlin
Directed by: Jörg Andreas
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: Berlin, Germany

Lobo Bayard
Race Cooper
Cutler X
Fernand Dutch
Jordan Fox
Christian Herzog
Sylvain Lyk
Geoffrey Paine
Adam Russo
Ale Tedesco
Dolan Wolf

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Two sex freaks work over a hottie. They piss all over his face, fuck both his holes and shove their arms up his ass. Then, the tables are turned: Sylvain fists both guys at the same time until they whimper for mercy. Lobo’s asshole can handle even the thickest dildos with ease. Geoffrey shoves his mitts into the bearded dude. Dominant Jordan gives his eager power bottom a good fucking from both sides. He cums on him and pisses in his open asshole. Cutler X rips open his victim’s ass with his black monster cock. Hard Play: Deeper! Harder! Nastier!

Cazzo Film Berlin HARD PLAY
SCENE 1: Ale Tedesco + Race Cooper + Sylvain Lyk
Two depraved sex freaks work over hottie Sylvain, who’s just as nasty as they are, letting them use him as they please. First, Ale and Race spit and piss all over Sylvain’s face. Then, after face-fucking him, they plug both his holes at the same time. But Sylvain can take even more and gets on an examination chair, where Race shoves his forearm up his ass. Ale gets jealous and ends up in the middle of a sandwich, fisting Sylvain while Race does the same to him. Then Sylvain turns the tables on them, working both his arms into their holes at the same, until Ale and Race whimper for mercy. These three pigs are totally out-of-control!

Cazzo Film Berlin HARD PLAY
SCENE 2: Geoffrey Paine Lobo Bayard
Lobo is a tall, confident man with dark eyes. He likes to be dominated and enjoys ass-play.Geoffrey starts by getting a good look at this bubble butt until he has to have a taste. He positions Lobo on a table and digs into those beefy ass cheeks. Lobo gets down on his knees and Geoffrey pisses his first load in his face. He fucks Lobo’s face and ass, shooting the next load of piss into the fucked-out asshole. Then it’s time for the dildos. Lobo’s hole can even handle the thickest size with ease. Geoffrey can even stick his mitts deep inside the guy. He pushes his fist harder and harder into Lobo’s hole until he can’t hold back any longer and shoots his spunk high into the air

Cazzo Film Berlin HARD PLAY
SCENE 3: Jordan Fox + Fernand Dutch
Jordan Fox likes to dish it out. After smacking Fernand around a little, Jordan gives the eager power bottom a good fucking from both sides. Then he makes him drink his piss. Jordan grabs two thick dildos and pries open Fernand’s ass. But that’s not all. Jordan shoves both his fists, one after the other, up that ass. Finally, Fernand sits on Jordan’s fist and takes it deep inside him. Jordan cums on him and pisses in his open asshole.

Cazzo Film Berlin HARD PLAY
SCENE 4: Christian Herzog + Dolan Wolf
Muscle pig Christian and dark and hairy Dolan are practiced in ass acrobatics. They need them large and they need them deep. They can each take half of a long, thick double dildo.Christian pumps his fists into Dolan’s asshole. And Dolan shoves his arm inside him, all the way to the elbow.

Cazzo Film Berlin HARD PLAY
SCENE 5: Adam Russo + Cutler X
Cutler, black and dominant, gives his sex slave a good spanking. Adam’s butt cheeks redden more and more intensely, and he even has to say “thank you”. Cutler can piss non-stop with his monster cock, so Adam has to open his mouth wide as a urinal. Cutler shoves his tool down Adam’s throat until he stars tearing up; then Cutter opens up his ass and fucks him from every angle. Adam is totally spent when Cutler shoots his load in his face and starts pissing again right afterwards.


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