Steve Scott and Ron Pearson SIGHS (LOVERS & FRIENDS) Steve Scott and Ron Pearson SIGHS (LOVERS & FRIENDS)

Studio: Celsius Studios
Directed by: Steve Scott and Ron Pearson
Year of Production / Release: 1985
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Joel Curry
Pierce Daniels
Brad Mason
Scott O’Hara
Ron Pearson
Eric Ryan
Eric Stryker
Cole Taylor

Two lover-Ron Pearson and Joel Curry-spend an enjoyable afternoon at a health club getting it on with various members and employees in this film that opens with a well shot solo session by Curry. Convincing his lover that he needs a bit more sleep, he continues to beat off while the lover stands in the hallway and watches-playing with his own bone. They then go to the gym, and a lengthy segment follows capturing them pumping up with Eric Ryan, tattooed Cole Taylor and Scott O’Hara. A hot sex scene immediately follows, where Taylor and Ryan team up in the shower. Both Ryan and Taylor take turns sucking and fucking each other as the shot captures excellent all-hard action. A high-light is a three-way in the massage room, where masculine Brad Mason alternates fucking Pearson and Eric Stryker. Later that evening, at a restaurant, Curry gets rimmed, then fucked, by macho Pierce Daniels in the kitchen. Cole Taylor, playing a waiter, joins the twosome and throws a second fuck into the insatiable Curry. Kinkiness in the three-way includes Daniels turning Curry over, spreading vanilla topping all over his ass, and licking every bit of it off.


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