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Chip Daniels Centaur Films NAVY BLUES Chip Daniels Centaur Films NAVY BLUES

Studio: Centaur Films
Directed by: Chip Daniels
Year of Production / Release: 1996
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Cal Dexter
Billie Di’Angilo
Chase Dryburgh
Brent Everett
JD Thunder
Tristan King
Troy Kroft
Brock Masters
Sean Paris
Matt Sizemore
Tag Spencer
Sean Storm

Centaur’s exclusive topman, superstar Brock Masters, leads an all-star cast of 14 handsome, endowed young men, including 7 hot newcomers to porn, in 7 awesomely filmed scenes comprising more than 2 hours of rigorous hot gay male sex in Director Chip Daniels’ latest release, “Navy Blues: Deeper In The Brig.” Our story centers around five lithe young Navy seaman, embarking on a thrilling shore leave, and their incarceration into a U.S. Navy Brig, where a very commanding Brock Masters brings his muscular, chiseled body, and enormously long and thick cock to prominent play in the role of Marine Lt. Ford, Brig Commander.

As Brig Commander, Lt. Ford routinely takes his pleasure from the pick of the hot, horny sailors. The first is brand new Centaur exclusive, Brent Everett, a very youthful 18 year old with dark brown hair and bedroom eyes, alabaster smooth body, a beautiful 9″ thick cock and a true virgin butt, playing the part of Seaman Jake Mitchell. In exchange for his release, Mitchell is ordered to lock his pouty lips around Brocks’ engorged, throbbing 10″ X 8″ cock. The teenager is a natural, and showcases Brocks’ enormous meat with aplomb, getting so turned on that he has to start pulling on his own dick. But Lt. Ford wants more than Brent’s cherub mouth. He soon entices Mitchell to shuck his crackerjack uniform and offer up that smooth, flawless, tight, virgin hole for Brock to fuck. Choking back real tears, Brent takes Brocks’ humongous cock to the hilt, enduring deeper and deeper strokes that soon have his tight muscular teen frame taunt and his punished hole pulled wide open, first on his back, then on his side, then onto his back again. After several intense minutes of fucking, they both shoot their hot loads on Brent’s taunt ripped abdominals.

Meanwhile, Seaman Nick Adams, one of the other 4 shipmates granted leave, played by Centaur’s hot, young superstar power bottom, 8″ hung and smoothly buffed Sean Storm, has checked into a well-known gay resort. There he calls a local masseur, played by another new Centaur discovery, handsome, blonde, smooth Tristan King, sporting 8-pak abs and a 9″ throbbing ass rammer. What begins as a routine massage turns into a no-holds-barred fuckfest after Tristan slips some GHB into Sean’s drink. Each eagerly probes every orifice in the other’s bodies with their fingers, tongues and hard-throbbing cocks until they both collapse in a fountain of cum. Then Seaman Adams blacks out and Tristan takes this opportunity to steal everything from him. When Adams awakens, he discovers he’s not only lost his wallet, but his clothes and uniform. Still wasted from the drugs, he stumbles outside searching for his stuff, accidentally locking himself out.

Meanwhile, two other shipmates, Seaman Anthony Stuart, played by the hunky, chiseled, bodybuilder Sean Paris, drags Seaman Ryan Jones, another new Centaur exclusive, newcomer Chase Dryburgh into a local Gay leather bar. Chase sports red hair, a lithe, sexy body, and an always-hard 8″ cock, and Sean is nicely hung with his own 8″ party sized meat. The two seamen hope to obtain some drugs from a local bartender named Ricco, yet another brand new 18 year old discovery by Centaur, tall, trim, handsome, 10 1/2″ super hung J.D. Thunder. He has pale while smooth skin, jet-black hair, dark brown eyes and big red thick pouty boy lips. And a dick that dreams are made of! Wary about trusting two-uniformed seaman, Ricco takes them to the backroom and demands to see them in action. There Ricco has them out of their uniforms and begins exploring their mouths and hungry buttholes with his hard, throbbing dick. They take turns sucking him, and then Sean slurps both Chase’s and J.D.s’ cocks at once. J.D. first fucks Chases’ delicious virginal ass, then Sean plows into the young seaman. The action builds as they suck and fuck, all under leering gaze of the club’s backroom regulars, jacking and watching the fuckfest. After all three have shot their heavy loads, Ricco brings them back to his bar for the goods. Unfortunately for the sailors, the local sheriff is waiting and they soon find themselves in the Navy Brig with Sgt. Michaels. Michaels thoroughly explores their inner backsides before forcing them to chow down on Seaman Mitchell’s sweet 18-year-old party cock, taking turns gulping his 9-incher through the steel mesh of the cage.

The action cuts to our 4th Seaman, Peter Brown, played by Centaur discovery, S. Florida model and Mr. Hotlanta winner, the awesomely muscled and chiseled skin headed bodybuilder Yanko, who arrives at a video store to search for a gay Navy themed porn video. The store’s clerk, young, trim, Billie Di’Angilo, is engrossed in watching a gay classic video featuring models Tag Spencer and Cal Dexter. No sooner has Seaman Brown arrived than the store is held up. The robber, played by Centaur discovery and newcomer, 9″ hung top man, Troy Kroft, orders the clerk to strip before he ties him up and turns his attention to the tempting sailor. The robber forces Seaman Brown (Yanko) to suck his cock to completion, shooting all over Yanko’s face and lips, and then pushes his wet cock back into Yanko’s cum hungry mouth. The hot taste of jism turns the buff seaman on, and he freely offers up his round muscular bubble butt for repeated deep poundings by Troy’s heavy thick veiny 9″ fuck stick before shooting his load over the young seaman’s muscular backside. Sex is interrupted by the arrival of the local sheriff who decides a gay video store is no place for a sailor. As a result, Seaman Brown is also thrown into the Brig.

While this is happening, Seaman Adams (Sean Storm) has spent the night naked, sleeping on a park bench by the river. There he’s discovered by a local deputy sheriff, played by trim, muscular, 8″ hung, new Centaur discovery Sage. The deputy’s first inclination is to turn him over to the shore patrol. But Seaman Adams, trying to bargain his way out, offers to service the deputy. The deputy drives him to a secluded parking lot, where he immediately pulls Sean’s talented mouth down onto his pulsating, precum oozing, thick man meat. Sean sucks away like a pro, causing the deputy to blow a load, which causes Sean to shoot as well. The deputy then hauls him to the back of his truck, throwing Sean’s legs up into the air and feasting on his delicious smooth boyhole. The ass rimming gets Sage so turned on that he cums another, even bigger load, onto the pavement. Then he stands and shoves his still throbbing hard cock into Sean’s hungry butt. He allows his ass to get pulverized by Sage’s huge aggressive meat. First on his back, then squat riding it, and then side-by-side spoon, Sean takes whatever Sage throws at him. Sage pulls out his cock and jams three thick-knuckled fingers in and out, rough finger fucking the boyman, faster and faster, until Sean blows his load. At the same time, Sage rams his cock back into the still cumming Sean, fucking him furiously until he explodes as well, shooting another huge load all over Sean’s already wet cock and balls, leaving his hole quivering from the anal assault. Despite all that, the deputy Sheriff still takes the seaman to Sgt. Michaels at the U.S. Navy Brig, there to join all his shipmates.

Now the party really gets started! The culminating scene of the movie takes place with all five seamen used in every conceivable way, with each other and for the pleasure of Sgt. Michaels and Lt. Ford. It’s hardcore sucking fucking nirvana, as dicks find assholes and mouths and quickly fill them up. The star bottoms are Brent and Sean, giving their asses over for everyone. Especially Sean, who ends up getting a train fuck pulled on him by everyone in the Brig, one after another, and ultimately being the one to endure the ferocious no holes barred ass fucking and hole stretching cock pounding action delivered by Brock Masters in his best sexual performance ever. Everyone gets used in this deep and nasty, wild and raunchy hardcore sexual seven man orgy of throat stuffing, and ass stretching anal assaults culminating in load, after load, after load of hot sticky, creamy cum fulfillment.



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