Michael Lucas Entertainment CHASING SOME DICK Allen King Craig Marks Jordan Jameson Jordan Starr Kosta Viking Oliver Hunt Shy Montana Tomas Brand

Studio: Lucas Entertainment
Directed by: Michael Lucas
Year of Production / Release: 2023
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Tomas Brand
Oliver Hunt
Jordan Jameson
Allen King
Craig Marks
Shy Montana
Jordan Starr
Kosta Viking

No one is going to blame a guy for needing a good and hard fuck, so take some lessons from the Lucas Men the next time you find yourself CHASING SOME DICK! Jordan Starr and Kosta Viking take turns fucking each other. Sky Montana pumps Allen King’s perfect little ass. Craig Marks rides the fat uncut cock of Tomas Brand, the King of All Muscle Daddies. And Jordan Jameson explores Oliver Hunt’s supple peach-cheeks with his tongue and hard-on!

Jordan Starr And Kosta Viking Flip-Fuck Michael Lucas Entertainment CHASING SOME DICK
SCENE 1: Jordan Starr And Kosta Viking Flip-Fuck

When Jordan Starr was interviewed for his model profile on Lucas Entertainment, he mentioned that when he was younger he was a skinny and long-haired twink. But he wanted to be more physically imposing, so he got a haircut and started hitting the gym. Now when you see him, he’s a tall and strapping hunk ready to fuck. Kosta Viking completely agrees, which is why he asked Jordan to wait for him in the bedroom. Kosta enters in only a towel, which he quickly drops so Jordan can suck on his beautiful uncut cock. Jordan Starr and Kosta Viking both know how to fuck some ass, and the two guys are hot and bothered for each other from the first minute for their encounter. So why limit the fun? There’s no reason to, so they take turns fucking each other in the ass bareback!

Shy Montana Pumps Allen King's Ass Michael Lucas Entertainment CHASING SOME DICK
SCENE 2: Shy Montana Pumps Allen King’s Ass

Shy Montana is a new stud among the Lucas Men, and he came to the Lucas Entertainment set in Puerto Vallarta ready to tear up some ass. When a new hunk walks on center stage, Allen King (one of the premier Lucas Men) wanted to pop his front-of-the-camera cherry. At the beginning of the encounter, we see Allen King and Shy Montana getting very handsy with one another on the villa balcony. The size difference between Shy and Allen is incredible, and Shy puts it to use when he’s fucking Allen King up his tiny and tight little ass. Despite his name, Shy Montana is not shy at all about picking up the little bottom and pumping his prostate, as though Allen is as light as a feather!

Craig Marks Rides Tomas Brand's Gay Daddy Dick Michael Lucas Entertainment CHASING SOME DICK
SCENE 3: Craig Marks Rides Tomas Brand’s Gay Daddy Dick

Tomas Brand, the King of All Muscle Daddies, is having a bit of a late morning in this encounter. He’s hanging out in the bedroom reading the news on his phone and having some coffee when his young, gorgeous lover Craig Marks emerges from the bathroom in only a towel. As soon as Craig removes his towel and starts teasing his daddy with his incredible body… well, the morning heats up fast. Craig Marks is classically handsome and has a stellar physique. Tomas Brand, a premier gay daddy porn star, explores the body of Craig Marks to the fullest while he’s fucking him up the ass. At one point during their sex, Craig Marks is riding Tomas Brand’s daddy dick, and every muscle in Craig’s sculpted torso flexes with perfection!

Oliver Hunt Bottoms For Jordan Jameson Michael Lucas Entertainment CHASING SOME DICK
SCENE 4: Oliver Hunt Bottoms For Jordan Jameson

Jordan Jameson got one look at the perfect peach cheeks Oliver Hunt has, and knew he needed to get inside it with his tongue and big rock-hard dick. Oliver Hunt was all for the action, so they were teamed up in this one-on-one encounter. Oliver Hunt shows Jordan Jameson just how flexible he is while he’s getting his ass fucked! While Jordan Jameson is balls deep inside Oliver Hunt, he even gives Oliver’s feet some soft kisses with some foot fetish action on top of the hot fucking!


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