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The Young Men of Citi Boyz CITI BOYZ 20 - YOUTHFUL URGES The Young Men of Citi Boyz CITI BOYZ 20 - YOUTHFUL URGES

Studio: Citi Boyz
Directed by: Steve Shay, Gage Powers
Year of Production / Release: 2002
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Casper Collins
Brayden Knight
Jaycee Layne
Zander Lee
Chaz Morgan
Jarrin North
Seth Reece
Lukas Marquez [Lucas Young]

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Introducing Lukas Marquez. You won’t find too many young men like Lukas: 19 years old, handsome, sexy and oh so muscular!

In the first scene, Lukas performs calisthenics, showing off his buff body and flexing those mouth-watering muscles before jumping on the bed to cool off and work out his “love muscle”. And a mighty love muscle it is: nearly 9 inches of throbbing uncut meat. Lukas strokes it to it’s full length, his eyes ablaze with lust, moaning and thrashing about, until he erupts with a hot shower of creamy juice.

Next is 18 year-old Chaz Morgan at home. After finishing up the dishes, he relaxes on the couch where he discovers the porn mag he lost, stuck between the cushions.

Taking it out and flipping through page after page of hot guys, Chaz gets pretty horny, so he unzips and flops out his delicious thick boycock. As he fingers his ass and strokes, his cock grows to its magnificent 7-inch length, and he’s soon moaning and grunting as his cum-filled balls let loose with a nice big load of hot jizz.

Adorable cuties Jaycee and Jarrin are out for a Sunday drive, looking for a nice secluded spot to picnic. They set out the blankets, but lunch will have to wait because these boyz are too horny to think about food. Romantic kissing leads to hot oral action, as both boyz take turns swallowing the other’s hot, hard cock. Later on, after they get home, sucking turns to fucking as Jaycee gives it up for Jarrin’s gorgeous tool. Jarrin fucks his buddy’s hot ass until he’s had all he can take, then pulls out and shoots a juicy load on Jaycee’s back.

Have you ever fantasized about rescuing a hot guy, who then repays you by being your sex slave? (OK, maybe not. But that’s what this scene is all about!) 20 year-old Casper rescues 20 year-old Seth, who clumsily has fallen into the lake. He takes the boy inside the house, strips him and draws a hot bath. But Casper doesn’t stop there – he gets into the tub with Seth to make sure he’s warming up. Warm water turns to hot sex, as Seth comes back to life under the expert touch of Casper’s talented hands and lips. In the bedroom, the fully recharged Seth takes control and pounds Casper’s tight little ass hard, encouraged by Casper’s begging, until they shoot their hot sticky loads between their intertwined bodies.

Handsome Brayden gets it on with cutie Jarrin in this scene, set in a hot tub at an idyllic country cabin. These guys are really into each other: the erections are hard, hot and throbbing and the sucking is deep and wet. After slurping on each other’s big rods, Brayden fucks submissive Jarrin in the ass (very, very hot action!) and they deliver simultaneous cumshots at the end. This scene will leave you out of breath, just like Jarrin and Brayden were when it was all over.

The bonus scene at the end is for all you guys out there who love those hot, verbal, nasty boyz! 19 year-old Zander plays the street hustler part – seducing you in a back alley… making you take him to your place…stripping for you… teasing you with his long, hard cock and a tight ass just begging to be fucked… talking nasty to you… making you watch him stroke his cock to a cum-splashing climax… watching him lick up his own juicy load. If this hot little stud doesn’t get you off, you need to to proceed to the nearest graveyard and check yourself in.



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