Raging Stallion COAT YOUR THROAT Raging Stallion COAT YOUR THROAT
Studio: Raging Stallion Compilation
Directed by: Ben Leon, Chris Ward, Michael Brandon
Year of Production / Release: 2010
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Rafael Alencar
Ivan Andros
Brendan Austen
Antonio Biaggi
Michael Brandon
Damien Crosse
Francesco D’Macho
Taurus Dean
Andy Dill
Kyle Douglas
Luke Hass
Wilfried Knight
Miguel Leonn
Angelo Marconi
Robert Marx
Bo Matthews
Carlos Morales
Abram Rodriguez
Sean Storm
Colin West

Is it salty? Is it sweet? Can you feel it moving as it slides down your throat? Sperm! Cum!! Jiz!!! This movie is all about men who can’t get enough of this creamy caviar of cock. Watch as stud after stud takes it in the mouth and licks it off bursting hard dripping cocks! This one pushes the boundaries and is a major eyebrow raiser from Raging Stallion Studios!

This is a limited DVD run–when it is sold out it will no longer be available in DVD format

Cole Streets arrives at the orgy to find stunning hunk Francesco D’Macho, along with bearded sex god Wilfried Knight, inked glambomb Damien Cross and gigantic hunk Angelo Marconi already going at it. Just as things start to cook, in comes Cole’s fantasy: Steve Cruz! Wilfried and Francesco pair up, swapping blowjobs that leave them breathless, while Steve, Angelo and Damien tumble around each other orally. Angelo takes on both Steve and Damien and dos a notably wonderful job handling both. He has a terrific mouth on him. Slave to porn that he is, Cole makes sure to get as close to the action as possible, no doubt waiting for an invitation to do more than just film it. Damien is placed on a table under all of the other cocks so they can coat him with spunk. Damian tries to swallow as many loads as possible. What a sight he is, his bearded turned all gooey and white when it’s over. – Brent Blue,

Our pageant of penis poppin’ perversion begins with Michael Brandon and tight little hot bod Taurus (who flew in from France for this shoot) fuckin around before the bar opens. Conveniently there is a pool table available, and before long the two of them are banging balls into every pocket! For fans of huge dicked fuck fests, this scene is a show stopper that is one of the greatest performances of superstar Brandon’s career. Can it be that this man just keeps getting better and better? Judge for yourself, but as Chris Ward will tell you, this is Brandon’s finest scene of all time! Taurus takes it like a man, screaming filthy things in French, pushing his open hole towards Michael’s pool stick. The fucking that takes place is so over the top that words cannot describe the sensations that Taurus must have felt in his pink ass! And then the cum shots! At this point you really start to understand that this is no normal porn movie. As spurt after spurt of jiz ejaculates from both cocks, hungry tongues lap it up, tasting the reward of overwhelming sexual stimulation. Its down and dirty and it will make your mouth water!

As the scene unfolds, Carlos Morales is topping Ivan Andros–these two world-class studs have never looked better and the pairing is one made in porn heaven. Carlos, usually a bottom, told us that he is actually just as much a top. When he showed us his 10 inch cock, thick as a beer can, Ivan’s eyes bulged, and within minutes his ass was straining to take Carlos all the way to the base. Carlos fucked him silly, in some of the most dramatic positions possible. This scene is so well-filmed that you will rewind it over and over again, enjoying the juicy cum shots each and every time. OK guys–here is the bottom line: this scene is a sure bet for award consideration at next year’s porn oscars!

In STALLION style, we hit the ground running with horsehung Hispanic heartthrob, RSS exclusive MIGUEL LEONN, who is manhandling blonde bad boy KYLE DOUGLAS. The two entwine and consume each other like starving men. DOUGLAS seems possessed as he deep-throats the massive engorged manhood of the horned-up Latin. Playing and chewing on MIGUEL’s foreskin only makes LEONN more crazed and he wastes no time spreading the hungry bottom’s legs so he can savage his ravenous fuckhole. This is a pummeling that neither man is soon to forget and neither will you. If you listen really closely, you can actually hear the butt lips stretching around the monumental man meat. KYLE finally can’t hold it back and shoots with MIGUEL up his ass. LEONN moves up to KYLE’s head and pumps a gallon of cum right into the grateful tramp’s mouth.

Collages and paintings provide a backdrop for a 6-man orgy that is the showstopper finale to GayDreams 2. Director Chris Ward introduces 3 new stars for your viewing pleasure: Ryven (a 24 year old, smooth blond with a massive cock), Robert Marx (a beautiful Hawaiian muscle stud), and Abram Rodriguez (a 22 year old filthy pig boy who is gonna make it big in the porn industry!). This is the first movie for all of these guys, and their energetic performances reveal the excitement of being in front of the camera for the first time. This youthful crowd is joined by our protagonist Brendan, Andy Dill, and Sean Storm. Shot as only Raging Stallion can, this group gang bang is one of the year’s porn highpoints. Peppered with oral cum shots and hard cock fucking, no one is left standing by the end of the scene. And what an end it is. Imagine this: Sean Storm laying on a large marble box with five guys around him. Ten hands and five cocks help him arrive at the climax of a lifetime! His ass is pointed towards the camera, his cock standing at attention, with his face contorting as every muscle of his pig boy frame strains to ejaculate! Then it comes, ropes of silky cum shot high out of his rigid cock. Then all the guys around him take his own cum as lube and finger his still quivering asshole–and the camera is right up there in the midst of it all. You feel that you are right there yourself, watching as the cum drips from his pink hole….

This scene opens up with one of the nastiest fuck and sucks ever produced by Raging Stallion Studios, featuring Miguel Leonn–our Raging Stallion Man of the Year–and Sean Storm, that pig boy from Florida who made a name for himself as a bareback bottom superstar. He really wanted to bareback for us, but we didn’t go quite that far (but you will be shocked at how far we do push the envelope!!!). Even though we didn’t let Sean take Miguel’s juicy load up his ass, we did let him guzzle it down his throat!
   So how good does Miguel look in leather???? Well, he was not named man of the year for nothin’! All we can say is this–if you want to see one of the hottest men of all time decked out in black gear, you gotta buy this movie now! If you want to see one of the finest uncut cocks in porn, doing the nasty and raising eyebrows from coast to coast, you gotta buy this movie now!! And if you ever thought Sean Storm was a filthy hottie, then this movie is one that you gotta buy now!!!

This scene brings new meaning to morning wood. Bo Matthews awakes in his cabin with a hard-on and the need to piss. As he pisses off the balcony, the town letch peers at him with binoculars from behind the wood pile. As Bo pisses, he hears the stud in the woods and glances over to find Luke Hass stroking his huge phallus while watching Bo piss. Bo waves him over and Luke comes out of the woods and into the cabin to find Bo on his knees. Bo goes straight to work on Luke’s cock. Bo is an expert cocksucker and shows Luke his skills. But Bo has many talents, including being an excellent bottom. Luke sheaths up and shoves his dick into Bo’s hole, fucking him slowly at first and then more forcefully. Soon, up the road comes Antonio Biaggi returning from fishing in his waders. Antonio walks up to see Bo bent over with Luke’s huge dick up his ass and asks if he can join in. Bo welcomes Antonio with a round of deep dick sucking as Luke continues to pound away at his ass. Watching Bo swallow Antonio’s huge cock is enough to push Luke over the edge. He blows his load right onto Antonio’s cock as Bo continues to suck it. Once Luke is done, Antonio gets a good round of dick sucking and some pretty aggressive attention to his balls. But Antonio wants a piece of ass and Bo supplies it. Bo bends over one more time to take the huge dick up his butt. Antonio is an aggressive fucker. He plunges his gigantic tool deep into Bo who groans with pleasure and begs for more. The scene ends when Bo blows his load with Antonio up inside him and Antonio shoots all over Bo’s eager mouth.

Rafael Alencar was working on a ranch in Brazil one day, chopping wood with wonderfully-tattooed Colin West (a frequent Playgirl model). Rafael, as most of you know, is one of the hottest fuckers on earth (we thank Studio 2000 for loaning us their top star for this important shoot). Rafael and Colin are both sex pigs, and neither of them were too happy with all the hard work ahead of them. With their boss away, they decide to take the afternoon off for something better than stacking logs…
   A blowjob starts the scene–but not your normal, everyday blowjob. You see, Rafael has a Monster Bang-sized cock–and it is so thick that few men on earth can fully take it (on either end!!!). But Colin likes to have goals, and he rises to the occasion, taking Rafael’s massive dick for all he is worth. Suddenly Rafael blows his load in his own leather work glove, and slaps Colin hard across the face! You have to see it to believe it. But wait, there’s more!
   With his mouth exhausted, Colin offers up his ass, and Rafael then gives us a fucking that no one will ever forget! Long, deep strokes–the kind the camera loves–make this one of the best scenes of the year. Rafael always delivers and Colin shows off that he is a new, magnificent porn talent!


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