Cocky Straight Boys Mark Long Quentin Gainz Michael Del Ray Next Door Studios hot gay sex

Studio: Next Door Studios / Next Door Originals
Directed by: Rocco Fallon
Year of Production / Release: 2016
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Michael Del Ray
Quentin Gainz
Mark Long

Michael Del Ray is a discerning man of taste who understands that quality doesn’t come cheap. Luckily for him he has the means available to serve as a Sugar Daddy to the boys happen to catch his eye. It doesn’t hurt that Michael has a giant 9′ dick to give them, as well. Quentin Gainz likes the money but he’s honestly addicted to the cock, so he pleads with Michael to see him again, but Michael tells him to honor the arrangement if he wants some face time. So, according to stipulation, Quentin shows up around 1, bringing with him Mark Long, a nascent, big cocked straight boy with an open mind. Michael takes one look at Mark and tells Quentin he’s done well. From there, he instructs Mark to remove his clothes, and after inspecting the goods and giving them his seal of approval, Michael instructs both guys to service him. Mark is unsure at first, but once Quentin shows him how it’s done, Mark gives it a go and he’s a natural, deep throating Michael’s cock as Quentin kisses on his nipples, making his way to Michael’s balls as Mark continues to lick up his shaft. Michael then instructs Quentin to take care of them both, and he gets a thrill out of watching Quentin suck Mark off.
   Having previously enjoyed Quentin’s ass, Michael is intrigued my what Mark is packing, and tells him to bend over and suck Quentin’s cock as he dives in to tongue fucking Mark’s hole. Satisfied that Mark is willing and able, Michael instructs Mark to warm up Quentin’s hole with his big dick, and Mark obliges, pounding Quentin from behind as he keeps Michael hard with his mouth. Switching up, Quentin mounts Michael’s big dick and rides him, while sucking Mark off. Michael loves watching Quentin gag on Mark’s cock while he rides his own, and decides to give Mark one more shot at Quentin. Mark fucks Quentin doggy style as Michael busts his nut all over Quentin’s face. Mark pulls out and wets Quentin’s back, and once Michael gives him permission, Quentin rolls over and relieves himself, cumming all over his stomach, a fitting 3rd act if there ever was one.


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