COLT Studio / Buckshot Productions MANPOWER COLT Studio / Buckshot Productions MANPOWER

Studio: COLT / Buckshot Productions
Directed by: Kristofer Weston
Year of Production / Release: 2011
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Aaron Cage
Marc Dylan
Bob Hager
Nate Karlton
Shay Michaels
Spencer Reed
Vic Rocco
Casey Williams

COLT Studio members can watch this presentation online prior to and after DVD release.


[jwplayer mediaid=”38011″] SCENE 1: Spencer Reed fucks Bob Hager
In a rustic vineyard setting, rough and rugged Spencer Reed is the picture of masculinity as he lounges with his work shirt open and his manhood in hand. His muscled furry chest and big cock soon attract some company. COLT Man Bob Hager marches onto the scene shirtless and with the top button of his denim shorts undone, ready for some hot-man-on-man action. Coming up from behind Bob runs his hands up and down Spencer’s hot body and reaches down for a fistful of that big piece of man-meat. As a greeting Bob gets down on his knees and devours Spencer’s cock. On his knees Bob settles in for a long session of dedicated cock worship, showing us his hot and furry ass as he feasts on Spencer’s massive tool.
   With Spencer’s cock throbbing hard and dripping with pre-cum he bends Bob over and makes a meal of his hot ass. Licking, probing and spitting on that hot hole Spencer gets Bob’s butt good and ready. Rock hard and ready to fuck, Spencer drives his cock deep into Bob’s hungry ass. Grunting with pleasure Bob takes a good hard pounding and loves every minute of it, spreading his ass wide to take it even deeper. After being in the driver’s seat for a long hard fuck, Spencer kicks back and lets Bob get on top for a ride. Bob gets on it reverse style, giving Spencer a hot view of that furry ass as he rides it hard. With cock deep inside him Bob’s big thick load comes erupting to the surface, gushing cum as his ass enjoys every inch of Spencer’s hot man tool. As soon as Bob finishes busting his nut, Spencer is ready to blow. Taking his cock in hand Spencer gives his mighty meat a hard jerk as he fires it off with a hot and steamy load.

COLT Studio / Buckshot Productions MANPOWER
SCENE 2: Casey Williams fucks Marc Dylan
Rippling blue water and rippling hard muscles, Marc Dylan appears like an intoxicating muscled mirage as he reclines along the edge of the pool. With his hard meat springing out of his tight swim suit muscle-stud Casey Williams wades into the pool for a hot man-on-man encounter.
   The swim suits are peeled away as their hard bodies and hard cocks come together for a real MANPOWER exchange. Kissing, stroking and manhandling each other they lose themselves in the pleasure of each other’s thick juicy cocks. Marc lays back and opens his legs wide, exposing his hot man-hole for Casey to probe with his tongue. “C’mon! Get it wet” “Put your tongue in there” Marc begs as Casey feasts on his hot muscled ass. Leaning in for an open mouthed kiss Casey lets his cock rub up against that hot and wet fuck-hole. “C’mon! Give me that dick” “Fuck me Hard” Marc moans as Casey penetrates him deep. Marc spreads his legs wide and takes every inch to the hilt. Casey drives that ass hard, drilling Marc from behind as he power fucks that ass.
   When the juices are ready to burst Marc and Casey lay side by side, stroking and kissing as wave after wave of cum erupts. The flood gates are open as Marc releases his load setting off a chain reaction of flying cum as Casey follows suit, exchanging their thick creamy loads as they shoot across each other’s sweat soaked bodies.

COLT Studio / Buckshot Productions MANPOWER
SCENE 3: Vic Rocco fucks Aaron Cage

COLT Studio / Buckshot Productions MANPOWER
SCENE 4: Nate Karlton fucks Shay Michaels


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