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Titan Men Joe Gage COYOTE POINT Titan Men Joe Gage COYOTE POINT

Studio: Titan Media
Directed by: Joe Gage
Year of Production / Release: 2010
Country of Production: U.S.A.

David Anthony
Scott Campbell
Luke Cassidy
JR Matthews
Dakota Rivers
Tyler Saint

It’s 1953 in a small town north of Las Vegas, and a tinderbox of sexual tension is itching to burst. Everyone has heard the rumors about the infamous house near Coyote Point, which catches the attention of TitanMen exclusives David Anthony and JR Matthews. They lead a cast of studs as legendary director Joe Gage takes us on an unforgettable journey back to a simpler time when innocent men were aching to be corrupted.
   After young Luke Cassidy cleans up his neighbor’s lawn, his payment is a steamy oral sex lesson from hung and seductive David Anthony.
   Military man Scott Campbell needs a favor from cop Dakota Rivers, who soon bends over his bud as the two shed their uniforms in an erotic garage encounter.
   After being rejected by their frigid dates, horned friends JR Matthews and Tyler Saint head to a deserted house near the town’s own version of Lover’s Lane— where the services of David Anthony, Slade and Luke Cassidy quickly make them forget about girls.

SCENE 1: David Anthony with Luke Cassidy
As young Luke Cassidy finishes raking his neighbor’s lawn, he’s joined by tall and handsome David Anthony—whose muscular chest bursts out of his tank. The conversation quickly escalates and the two relieve themselves on the lawn. The sight of David’s huge cock gets Luke excited, giving the sultry older neighbor all the ammo he needs to continue his seduction: “You have nothing to be ashamed of…we all get hardons. Look, I got one, too.” Despite his nervousness, Luke is under David’s spell as their cocks throb. David leads Luke inside, instructing the impressionable younger man to his knees. “Put your mouth on it. It’s okay…you’ll like it.” Luke feasts on David’s monster meat, the beautiful silhouette of the action captured on the wall behind them—an effective artistic touch that director Joe Gage employs throughout the feature. “Pull my nuts,” commands the calm David. “You wanna be my little slut boy?” With his hand wrapped around Luke, David guides him through the heated suck. Luke stands up as David grinds against him in some hot swordplay—and is soon sucked by his neighbor, whose own dick bobs in excitement. Luke sucks him back before the two stroke, intently staring at each other before they squirt—including a huge load from Luke that lands on his own face.

SCENE 2: Scott Campbell and Dakota Rivers
While doing some handy work, military man Scott Campbell strikes up a conversation with his beer-guzzling bud, policeman Dakota Rivers. Scott’s girlfriend has been complaining about his hairy ass. “I can’t do this by myself,” he says, asking Dakota for shaving help. The cop reluctantly agrees as Scott sheds his uniform, with nothing but dog tags over his tight and tan hairy chest. He bends over and gets shaved—which gives Dakota another idea. “You never know until you try it,” the cop says, diving his tongue and fingers deep inside his bud’s hole. Scott turns around, veins bursting out of his rock-hard shaft. Dakota—his big boner and smooth muscular chest peeking through his clothes—slowly works his tongue closer, teasing Scott’s meat before opening wide. The two are soon standing and staring at each other as their cocks bob. Scott drops down to slurp on Dakota before jacking off—with Scott using Dakota’s cum as lube, working out a huge load that flies in the air. Scott bends over again as Dakota slowly works his dick inside, fucking slow and deep before picking up the pace as the bottom’s dog tags jangle against each other—leading to two more squirts that end the intense pairing.

SCENE 3: David Anthony and JR Matthews with Luke Cassidy, Tyler Saint and Slade
After getting dumped by their dates, military man JR Matthews and his former coach Tyler Saint sit frustrated in the car. With no pussy to cure their blue balls, they wander into the mysterious house near Coyote Point. After JR gets blindfolded by Tyler, naked and hard David Anthony and Luke Cassidy enter the room. Luke drops down to suck JR, whose cock bursts out of his military-issue boxers. Tyler falls to his knees to worship the chiseled David, deep-throating the hung stud with ease as his manly hands grab David’s pecs. It’s a spirited display of body worship, with Tyler’s obvious excitement bringing the scene to a new level of intensity. Trim and tan Slade shows up, his thick uncut meat aching for attention. David fucks Luke before JR sucks Slade, then Tyler gets on his back for David. The top’s body is a vision as he pounds (the veins bulge from his muscular arms), and Tyler jacks off his own giant slab as the two grunt—with David spitting down into Tyler’s hungry mouth before the bottom shoots. Slade then rams Luke, who later sits his ass on the top’s tongue as the two jack off. David then slides inside JR’s hole, eventually squirting on the bottom’s hand—supplying JR with lube for his own load.

SCENE 4: JR Matthews with Tyler Saint and Slade
After David and Luke, spent and satisfied, leave, JR still craves more, so sucks both Tyler and Slade as spit strands dangle from his lips—and then stays stiff as he bounces on Tyler’s beast, a site that has Slade leaking precum. Slade then gets his turn inside JR’s muscle ass as Tyler strokes his own mammoth meat on the coach, the three soon squirting—with JR using Slade’s cum as lube for another big wad.


*** Highly, Highly Recommended ***


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