Bulldog Studios Ashley Ryder Bruno Bernal Darius Ferdynand Steven Prior Alex Silvers McKensie Cross Kayden Gray Bulldog Studios Ashley Ryder Bruno Bernal Darius Ferdynand Steven Prior Alex Silvers McKensie Cross Kayden Gray

Studio: Bulldog Studios
Directed by: Ashley Ryder
Year of Production / Release: 2014
Country of Production: Great Britain

Bruno Bernal
McKensie Cross
Darius Ferdynand
Kayden Gray
Steven Prior
Alex Silvers

Taking time out from the club to take a much needed piss has never been hornier! The hot, sweaty young fuckers whip out their thick juicy dicks and empty their bladders with an audience paying full attention to the job in hand!
   It’s not piss they are after, but their stare is firmly fixed on the slabs of meat hanging in front of them! They don’t care who might walk in, or who might already be in the stalls, all they can think about is that now growing dick in front of them as they drop to their knees or are beckoned in to their cubicle. No-one will pass up an opportunity like Darius Ferdynand waving his dick from the toilet seat, or Kayden Gray’s massive member rising like a mountain through the clouds towards you; and when Steven Prior, who’s back on top form with his instantly recognizable 10” dick rock solid and ready for ass!!
   All filmed in the toilets of South London, Bulldog and director Ashley Ryder has somehow managed to bring the seediness of cruising public toilets and the horniness of fit young fuckers all with giant dicks together, the habits of a lifetime isn’t lost on Ryder as you can almost taste the mix of urine and lemon freshener combining with sweat and spunk as the young men are pushed agsint cubicle walls and raised into doorways and on top of urinal troughs, all with the aim to open their bottom boys butthole so they can push deeper into them and get what they want before the next piss taker arrives to distract them!
   With a bonus of blond beauty Alex Silvers reliving his ass-stretching antics whilst spying on other horny action via a well-placed camera, Cruised once again brings Bulldog to the top of the modern fetish niche it now dominates.

Bulldog Studios Ashley Ryder Bruno Bernal Darius Ferdynand Steven Prior Alex Silvers McKensie Cross Kayden Gray
SCENE 1: Darius Ferdynand fucks Bruno Bernal

Opening the door and stroking his huge hard-on beneath his jeans, hung stud Darius, leaning back on the toilet spies his next target, and horny young Latino Bruno’s hole is puckering at the very thought of what’s to come. The muscled cruisers slowly and carefully play with their growing dicks, Darius’s muscles bursting out of his loose vest, and when he peels it off and shows us his firm smooth body and swinging dick, we can almost see Bruno’s body twitch and turn towards the cubicle, desperate to get this party started. Dropping to his knees once pulled inside by his fuck-mate, his slurps on that wet slab of meat, getting his throat fucked hard and deep. Lapping at his balls, dick and all around, Bruno smothers himself in Darius’ crotch, the perfect find for this hung fucker! Literally drooling over Darius and himself, Bruno’s in the mood for more than a throat fuck, and lifts himself up, his eager butt exposed and ever-ready for a thick juicy cock to slide up inside. After some quick tongue action on Bruno’s totally smooth butthole, the hung top knows it’s ready for a pounding, and gives it all he’s got! The walls of the cubicle are perfect to push and pull against, making this quick fuck into something much more powerful than either of them could have thought possible! As they check themselves out in the mirror opposite, their dicks throb and pump faster and harder, fucking Bruno into the doorframe, Darius builds himself up to shoot his load all over the olive skinned beauty, both men’s torsos flex and twist as they get just the right position to dump their loads, every muscle bulging as they empty their balls, covering each other in the white stuff.

Bulldog Studios Ashley Ryder Bruno Bernal Darius Ferdynand Steven Prior Alex Silvers McKensie Cross Kayden Gray
SCENE 2: Alex Silvers, Steven Prior
As one door closes, another door opens, and this time its famed super hung twink Steven Prior on the prowl. Cruising the toilets for a hot piece of blond ass, he finds the perfect prize in Alex Silvers. Pale, smooth and a dirty little fucker, Alex and Steven couldn’t be better suited for a quickie in the cubicle! Checking each other out at the urinal, Steven’s already rock solid, and this is a red rag to a bull with Alex – what twink bottom would pass up a dick like Prior’s?! Knowing this fact, Steven just takes a step back and turns it towards Alex and he’s already on his knees taking as much of it in his pretty little mouth as he can – he needs some more training on this before he can take it all, perhaps his ass can do a better job! Obviously thinking the same, Steven moves from the urinal and Alex follows his swinging dick like a puppy as he’s pulled up and fucked against the wall, definitely taking dick better up his peachy butt! Pushing back and swallowing almost all of it up inside himself, this talented taker of dick doesn’t want it to end, but when Steven pulls out and shoots his load; it was definitely a toilet break to remember!

Bulldog Studios Ashley Ryder Bruno Bernal Darius Ferdynand Steven Prior Alex Silvers McKensie Cross Kayden Gray
SCENE 3: Kayden Gray, McKensie Cross
If you have your huge dick out at the urinals, you’re almost always asking for an audience, and this is exactly what hung young stud Kayden finds! When McKensie walks in, he exudes sex, and from the very look of this tattooed clubber, you know he loves to take cock, and with 9.5” waving in his face, we know exactly how this is going to play out! After a mouth full of Kayden, McKensie raises his leg on top of the trough and exposes his smooth hole to his hung fucker who dives tongue-first into him, pulling on his cock and balls as he licks his welcoming hole, getting him fully ready the pounding he’s got in mind for that stubbled young cruiser. Pulling his cheeks apart to get as deep as he can, once his dick presses firmly on that hole, it swiftly opens wide enough to take one of the thickest cocks in the business in one smooth thrust. Slamming his buddy into the wall, Kayden doesn’t take things slow or gentle, he’s a real fucker who uses McKensie purely as a hole to wrap around his cock until he’s ready to shoot, just what any real bottom wants! Lifted into the air, McKensie has nowhere to go once Kayden gets inside, his ass is no longer his own and belongs to the giant dick pumping hard inside, deeper than ever before and as McKensie feels Kayden stiffen inside him, he dumps his load mid fuck before being dropped on the floor, his face and body soon covered in Kayden’s own load, his reward for taking what was given with no refusal.

Bulldog Studios Ashley Ryder Bruno Bernal Darius Ferdynand Steven Prior Alex Silvers McKensie Cross Kayden Gray
SCENE 4: Alex Silvers
We soon learn that cruising blond boy Alex Silvers does more than get fucked at the urinal; he’s the one with access to the cameras placed perfectly to catch exactly what goes on in his favourite place. Fully aware of the giant dicks these toilets attract, and fresh from his own butt-fucking action, Alex clicks on the screen and check out the latest capture on film. Full of cum and wanting to empty himself ready for his next foray into the toilets. Pulling down his jeans and stroking his growing shaft, he waves it in front of the camera, spit sliding down as he gets it slick and glistening, and his smooth balls bouncing in the foreground and his smooth pale body on show for us. As he pulls his foreskin back and forth over his dick we can see it bounce and twitch, almost aware of the spunk speeding through him and reaching his slit, it squirts out, a hot foamy cumshot from this damn horny young fucker; he might look like an angel, but we now know that’s anything but true!


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