Csaba Borbely Hungarian Gay Porn Classics REVENGE OF THE DRAGON 2 Janos Volt Roberto Giorgio Fred Goldsmith Leslie Manzel Ted Lauter Jonathan Collins Peter Krisztia Eddie Shulz Daniel Paxton Eddie Anderson Chris Russell Tom Brown Tony Magera Anthony Okamoto

Studio: Diamond Pictures
Directed by: Csaba Borbely
Year of Production / Release: 2001
Country of Production: Hungary

Eddie Anderson
Jozsef Kovacs
Jonathan Collins
Roberto Giorgio
Fred Goldsmith
Leslie Manzel
Peter Krisztia
Ted Lauter
Tony Magera
Anthony Okamoto
Daniel Paxton
Chris Russel
Eddie Schulz
Janos Volt

As in “Revenge of the Dragon, Part 1,” this video is set in a martial arts school populated with some of the most gorgeous men in Europe. In Part 2, the twink quotient goes up a bit, and the way director Csaba Borbely pairs them with older, more muscular studs is very erotic.

Perennial bottoms Leslie Manzel and Roberto Giorgio, both handsome as hell, shine in their scenes with studs Jonathan Collins and Tom Browne. Collins grabs Manzel’s legs and spreads them wide, spearing the buff Manzel’s ass with his cock. Collins then does a hands-free in and out fuck, completely pulling out of Manzel’s dripping, sloppy hole before slamming into it again.

Giorgio’s scene with Browne is no less impressive, and it is inventive as well. Sinewy Tony Magera and another stud join the two, and Browne fucks Giorgio while the other hunk rides Giorgio’s uncut meat. Then Magera fucks the stud while he rams into Giorgio’s ready hole. It’s a very hot and very unusual four-way.

Delectable stud Janos Volt also bottoms for both lightly furred blond Chris Russell and darkly handsome Anthony Okamoto, first sucking the two studs, then getting his ass filled by both of their cocks, one after the other.

The finale is another four-way, with two young stud pups (Eddie Shulz and Daniel Paxton) watching as old hands Fred Goldsmith and Peter Krystia put on a show by kissing and stroking each other, then getting massive erections. A complete merry-go-round of combos and positions follows, with Goldsmith and Shulz both getting plowed, and Shulz riding Paxton as his very hard, very large cock bounces in the air.

The best part about this video is the proliferation of wet, messy, and voluminous cum shots – apparently, these guys have been taking their supplements.


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