Studio: Falcon International
Directed by: Rolf Hammerschmidt
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: Czech Republic

Kieron Athey
Romain Baptist
Justin Boyd
Nathan Eclaire
Marc Guerin
Bratt Kiney
Atticus Aron / Ben Lamar
Tony Eliott [John Paul]
Elijah Peters
Milo Peters
Ryan Quaid
Dimy Sove
Ariel Vanean
Tim West
Mirek Woitch [Mirek Voight]

Wired together in this digital age can expand one’s physical and sexual existence onto a new explosive plane. In this new world of cyber space, fantasy can become virtual reality. Anything and everything is at your command. A simple click on the mouse can send you flying into the void for sex on command. Speed it up, stop and pause, or just relax and let it play. Starring Elijah Peters, Milo Peters, Justin Boyd, Ben Lamar, Mirek Woitch, Bratt Kiney, Ryan Quaid, Marc Guerin, Kieron Athey, Romain Baptist, Tim West, Ariel Vanean, Nathan Eclaire, Dimy Sove, and Tony Eliott.

Kieron Athey quickly dives into Ben Lamar’s lap, sucking his cock as Ryan Quaid watches the action on his monitor. Ben then returns the favor and before long, Ryan is there to join the fun. The three dissolve into a mass of flesh, eagerly feeding on each other’s cocks and balls – kissing, fondling and nibbling. Propped up in Ben’s lap, Kieron spreads his legs wide apart so Ryan can easily slide in and fuck his ass. They switch it around and Ben plugs Ryan who simultaneously fellates Kieron. They finish as Ben and Kieron spritz Ryan’s face with their spooge. Then Ben rims Ryan’s ass, pleasuring him until he turns around and unloads, shooting his cum into Ben’s mouth.

With a snap of his fingers Nathan Eclaire finds himself naked and horny facing an equally naked and horny Marc Guerin. Their big smiles and even bigger boners prove they’re up for heavy manaction. Nathan sucks Marc’s uncut cock, working his mouth hungrily over the meaty pole. Then Marc gets up and forces his dick down his buddy’s throat – whatever position is okay because Nathan knows that a faceful of cock will lead to a mouthful of cum. But that’s not enough for Nathan. Even after Marc gets on his knees to fellate him, Nathan mouths his partner’s cock again and shoves a vibrator up his hole. No longer able to hold back, he finally shoots his wad.

A playful session of body painting puts Justin Boyd and Bratt Kiney in a frisky mood. Bratt lays back while Justin goes down on his hot rod. The blond jock holds the steely cock upright while his head bobs up and down on it. Ben gets his turn sucking on his pal’s pole, then gets behind to fuck him, wedging his stiff meat into the tight crack. He pumps away until he’s ready to explode, ripping off his condom and cumming in big spurts. Then Justin jerks himself off and paints Bratt’s mug with his gooey jism.

The scene opens with lucky Romain Baptist getting fucked from behind by studly Mirek Woitch while Ariel Vanean stuffs his cock down his throat. Romain’s pendulous balls and uncut dick swing to the rhythm that Mirek’s pumping hips create. Then they change it up: Mirek fucks Ariel who buries his face in Romain’s crotch. Getting fucked hard really hurts as Ariel contorts his face in exquisite pain. One by one the trio shoot their wads – first Romain; then Mirek; then Ariel, who finding himself alone, jerks himself off to climax.

Dimy Sove balances himself carefully on a ladder, laying back and exposed so Tim West can easily suck on his cock. It’s a big and tasty dick to work on, but Tim handles the challenge with gusto. Anxious for more action, Dimy gets behind Tim to fuck him hard. He continues to plow his partner, their lusty passion getting the better of them. They face each other and kiss, melting in each other’s hungry mouths, while their stiff cocks stand ready for swordplay. They resume sucking and fucking until Dimy cums in Tim’s mouth, followed by Tim shooting his cream onto Dimy’s face.

Every man fantasizes about sex with a set of identical twins. And Tony Eliott can thank his lucky stars that he’s got Elijah and Milo Peters to play with. Tony treats each sibling with equal attention, sucking their cocks, eating their asses, fingering their holes, before fucking them one after the other. The twins embrace the passion and energy, kissing and massaging each other’s chests and cocks. All three are lost in a hedonistic haze and climax with Elijah and Milo alternately sucking Tony’s dick until he cums in their mouths. But nothing beats Tony being flanked by the Peters brothers’ peters spewing jism all over his face.



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