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Studio: William Higgins Productions
Directed by: William Higgins & staff
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: Czech Republic

Robert Drtina
Ivo Kerk

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Ivo Kerk has suffered an injury while playing soccer. He goes to see Dr Robert Drtina to have it checked out. Explaining where the injury is Ivo removes his tee-shirt, so that Robert can check in the injury. But Robert decides that a complete check up is required. He tells Ivo to strip down to his underwear and then to lay on the examination table. Robert then begins the examination, concentrating on the abdomen. As his hands press in to Ivo’s body, particularly around the groin it becomes clear that his cock is getting hard in the underwear. Robert decides that it is better to have the underwear off, so he removes them, freeing Ivo’s dick. Robert is soon grabbing hold of that cock and wanking on it, before bending forward to take it in his mouth. He sucks on the hard cock and then on the balls too. All thoughts of a medical exam seemingly out of mind. Moving up he then kisses Ivo. Ivo responds by starting to open Robert’s shirt and soon the doctor is naked too. Ivo takes hold of Robert’s cock and begins to wank and suck on it. They soon move into a 69, sucking each others hard cocks. But Robert has more in mind and straddles Ivo, sliding his ass down on his patient’s throbbing dick. He rides up and down on that cock before Ivo takes over and begins to fuck. A change of position has Robert on his back and Ivo ramming his dick deep inside that hot ass. Robert is loving it and his cock remains rock hard as Ivo fucks him. He moves again, bending over to take that cock some more, and wanks himself at the same time. Soon Robert is shooting his cum over the floor as Ivo fucks him nice and hard. Then Robert positions himself so that Ivo can come over his hot chest. Robert takes the spent cock in his mouth to suck it dry at the end of a lovely Czech Up, with Ivo seemingly recovered from his injury.

Model Name: Ivo Kerk
Age: 18
Home Town: Bilina
Height: 190cm/6’2″
Weight: 90kg/198lb
Foot Size: EU45/US9.1/UK8.6
Penis Size: 19cm/7.48″
Profession/Student of: High school
Hobbies: Sport
Favorite Sports: Bodybuilding
Active Sports: Fitness
Movie/Music/Sport Stars: Katie Price
Visited Coutries: UK
Want to Visit Coutries: Greece
Dream of My Life: To have some fun!
Zodiac Sign: Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Model Name: Robert Drtina
Age: 18
Home Town: Doksy
Height: 185cm/6’0″
Weight: 85kg/187lb
Foot Size: EU45/US9.1/UK8.6
Penis Size: 19cm/7.48″
Profession/Student of: High School
Hobbies: Sport
Favorite Sports: Athletics
Active Sports: Fitness
Movie/Music/Sport Stars: Gwyneth Paltrow
Visited Coutries: Germany
Want to Visit Coutries: Ireland
Dream of My Life: I don’t know.
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

William Higgins


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