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Studio: Dark Alley Media
Directed by: Matthias von Fistenberg [Matthew Green] Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: E.U.


Danny Fox
Christian Hezzog [Christian Herzog]
Lee Roy [LeeRoy Lellek]
Rod Painter
D.J. Ryder
Julian Schmidt
Michael Shade
Anthony Spell

SCENE 1: Danny Fox and Christian Hezzog flip-fuck
SCENE 2: Michael Shade fucks Julian Schmidt
SCENE 3: Lee Roy and Rod Painter flip-fuck
SCENE 4: Anthony Spell fucks D.J. Ryder

These trashy Bottom sluts know the place to go when they need their hungry little cumholes seeded. They come down to the local abandoned junkyard, where there are always eager Tops waiting with hard cocks looking for a creamy hole to fill.

SCENE 1: Danny Fox and Christian Hezzog flip-fuck
Our first little cumholes are Danny Fox and real-life boyfriend Christian Hezzog. These two muscles studs start out rubbing their huge cocks through their speedos but quickly move into mutual oral, before Danny takes out his hard raw tool and plunges it into Christian’s hairless boyhole. But it’s Christian who ends up being the man of the hour, and he takes Danny in four positions — first he fucks him bent over, then he fucks him like a dog, on his stomach, and on his back. Danny shoots his load all over himself and Christian eats it off of Danny’s six pack, and then Danny finger Christian while he comes on Danny’s lean muscular body.

SCENE 2: Michael Shade fucks Julian Schmid
Second little cumhole is Julian Schmidt, who eagerly goes down on the 9 inch plus meat of well known bareback top, Michael Beck (Michael Shade). Michael is not the versatile kind of guy, and that’s OK with Julian, who came looking to give up his hairy boypussy. Michael works up his hard meat by fucking Julian’s mouth before he bends him over and shoves his raw pole up Julian’s ass, using only his spit. Michael works Julian from behind before taking him down to the ground, fucking him like a little bitch puppy that he is, ending up with Julian on his back, spreading his legs wide. Michael pulls out just before he comes and shoots his load right onto Julian’s hole, then pushes his dripping cock in Julian’s ass. Julian then jerks off his sizable meat, cumming into Michael’s mouth, who licks up every drop.

SCENE 3: Lee Roy and Rod Painter flip-fuck
Our next cumholes are the manly Leeroy and Rio (Rod Painter), two German stallions with thick, meaty pricks who are in the mood for some flip-flop fucking and mutual ass breeding. Leeroy is first to go down on Rio, who sits back on a table with piles of trash in the background (we said this was a Trashy movie, and we meant it). Rio’s meat grows huge, and Leeroy loves sucking on it before he moves Rio into position on his back. Rio spreads his legs wide, revealing a sloppy, but totally smooth hole which he pushes in and out to taunt Leeroy. But the sight of Rio’s giant manmeat flopping up and down on his stomach is too much for Leeroy, who needs cock in his hole also. He pulls out and bends over the table, on his knees, so that Rio can fuck him from behind. Rio pounds his hole mercilessly, his meat fucking rock hard the entire time. He flips Leeroy on his stomach, and fucks him in slow long strokes –pulling his throbbing meat all the way out of Leeroy’s hole, and plunging all 9 of his thick inches back inside. Leery fills with excitement and makes a huge scream while he shoots a gallon of cum like a a gushing river. Rio follows up immediately after, pulling out and blowing his load all over Leeroy’s balls.

SCENE 4: Anthony Spell fucks D.J. Ryder
Out last little cumhole is cutie DJ Ryder. You may remember his bottoming skills in Fisting Underground Berlin, where he was tied up and fist fucked. He’s back now to deliver some expert oral service to Fredrick Berlin’s (Anthony Spell) 10″ black cock. Fredrick proved he was a stallion back in Raw Fuck Club when he shot two huge loads into Tim Rusty’s ass, and he is back to cement his reputation as a a-line ass breeding fucker, who always has a huge load ready. DJ can’t wait to open up his hold for him, not wanting to unbuckle his skinhead boots and red suspenders, he merely pulls his tight jeans down to his ankles and bends over, taking Fredrick’s cock from behind like another bitch dog. Fredrick bangs him from the back with his thick muscles flopping with every thrust before he throws DJ on his back and pounds his tight little hole until his big black snake can’t wait and longer, and spits a creamy load of cum onto DJ’s ass, pushing it deep inside with his 10″ cock. DJ cums, and the saga of Junkyard Cumholes reaches and end, for now…


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