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Studio: Chaos Men
Directed by: Bryan Ockert
Year of Production / Release: 2006
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Davis [Derek @ Corbin Fisher]

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Video Number: 060
Video Size: 720×480

Davis really enjoyed his solo and had a good time the first time he came out from the Midwest.
   He’s a straight boy following the money trail, and despite not being keen on doing ‘guy on guy’ stuff, he is eager to please and do the best job at anything he does. He asked several times “Will the guys watching like it if I do this?”
   He’s having a fun time, and even referred his best buddy and workout partner (Mitch, debuting in a couple weeks) to come and do some videos as well. They even agreed to eventually do a video together, but putting two straight guys together is painful to film, as neither guy really knows what to do.
   So I had Davis come out first and work with Jack, who despite being straight, knows EXACTLY what to do. Now Davis is TALL, he must be 6’2 or 3, and Jack would not be considered tall in anyone’s book, so I worried about the height difference when pairing them, but Jack is a Take Charge type of guy, and I knew he could make Davis’s first time easy.
   My worries about height differences evaporated quickly as soon as Jack tossed Davis to the bed, and they seem to fit together perfectly.
   Jack immediately started sucking on Davis’s dick but then moved to eating his ass out. This was not something either of them had done before, nor were they directed to do it. I asked Jack about it after the shoot and he said he thought it was hot when Jonatan ate his ass out in the last video he did for me, so he thought he would give it a try.
   Which was apparently the right thing to do. Despite starting off nervous and soft, this got Davis’s dick hard and ready for action, and I am pretty sure it turned Jack on a lot also.
   Davis was also set to only fuck Jack, but as I mentioned earlier, he asked if viewers would think a 69 sucking position would be hot, to which of course I said “Yes, but that means you have to suck his dick?”
   To which he replied, “Yeah, I think it would be hot. Let’s do it now before I lose my nerve.”
   Well, alright!
   Jack’s ass is amazing, and I think whether you like girls or boys, anyone can appreciate just how nicely formed it is. Davis did, but the dusting of hair did throw him off initially. Then when he realized he could happily pound Jack’s ass, he went to town.
   In my opinion, Davis has the perfect size dick for fucking. Not so big that you feel like you are being split in two, and just the right size to really nail your prostrate. We had to stop a couple times as Jack got too close to cumming, and I don’t think I have ever seen him really grind so hard on a cock before.
   The cumshot was easy to film. If you notice Jack tries to bust a nut, but actually pauses and slips Davis’s cock back in (a bit of a surprise as we had removed the condom in prep for Davi’s cumshot), pushing him right over the top. Poor Davis was trying to not cum the entire time, and if you watch him he is desperately trying not to bust.
   Without missing a beat, Jack slides off his dick and Davis cums, adding his load on top of Jack’s load.
   Next, I’m gonna see if he Davis will bottom with his best friend Mitch. Stay tuned!


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