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Alexander Pictures DEEP BLACK DRILLING Alexander Pictures DEEP BLACK DRILLING

Studio: Alexander Pictures
Directed by: Alexander
Year of Production / Release: 2011
Country of Production: Brazil / U.S.A.

Affonso Lugo
Renato Morales
Gustavo Alves
Hugo Lopez
Goncalo Morales
Luis Suares
Leandro Cruz
Pascoal Coelho
Juan Acosta
Riu Melo

Don’t worry about the environment, the kind of black these guys are drilling is the cock kind, not anything that will kill fish if it spills into the ocean. In fact, for all the spilling that happens in Black Deep Drilling, none of it is wasted in the water. It is all spilled on the happily sated bottoms gathered to take the big black dicks that Alexander Pictures has scored in another great production of porn-o-licious Brasilians.

SCENE 1: Affonso Lugo tops Renato Morales
The boyish good looks of Renato Morales make for a great opening to any scene. Add to that the promise of swole Affonso Lugo muscle fucking that pretty hole of his and you know a good time is about to happen. And happen it does. One of the best things to see in porn is a couple of guys really enjoying each other. In some producers’ work it sometimes seems like the models are just automatons going through the motions. In Alexander’s movies, you get the impression that he’s invested some time finding guys who have chemistry. It shows in the scenes and on their faces. Affonso’s face looks as if Alexander may have forced him to forgo head for a long while too. He seems mesmerized by the blow he’s getting from Renato. After all that sucking, it’s clear that Renato will get a prize and Affonso doesn’t disappoint. He takes it easier than you would expect from such a muscle stud at the start. He doesn’t just pound his cock in, he opens Renato up nice and easy before he start bouncing his balls off that ass. Once Renato’s been sufficiently tapped, he drops a nice nut but doesn’t pull off Affonso until Affonso’s ready to frost his back. It’s a promising start to another hot film from Alexander Pictures.

SCENE 2: Gustavo Alves tops Hugo Lopez
I bet that Alexander has to keep Gustavo Alves’ cock a secret from the bottoms he couples his with. It’s not the biggest dick Alexander had wielded against his models, but it’s thick and it’s always horny. Hugo Alves, though, doesn’t look the least bit intimidated. Once that cock is out, he can’t take his eyes off of it. Once his eyes are on it, his hands and mouth are close behind. Before long, as you can guess, he’s climbed up on top of Gustavo to get that cock where he really wants it. He proves with his pushing back that he didn’t need to be tricked into riding this fat bone. After some hard pounding, Gustavo squirts the full length of Hugo’s back before flipping the guy over to watch him cover his hot abs with a creamy load. Sometimes I wonder if I could impersonate Alexander well enough to get into one of these filmings… maybe I should just start begging.

SCENE 3: Goncalo Morales tops Luis Suares
Goncalo Morales and Luis Suares bring to the screen two impressive black cocks. When they get naked and those big pieces of dark meat come into view, you’ll be salivating. Luis was, it seems, as he gets Goncalo’s cock shiny with a good ol’ fashion knob job while his ass gets checked out by Goncalo’s spit-slicked fuck finger. That finger and its neighbors are all the warm up Luis is going to get. Goncalo climbs up on top of him and impales his black ass with a dick that takes it to the limit. Goncalo long-strokes that ass like a pro and Luis looks him right in the eye as he submits to a good, deep fucking. These guys both pour out impressive loads at the end of this scene and it just makes you want to join them. Hold off as best you can, though!

SCENE 4: Leandro Cruz tops Pascoal Coelho
Some kissing and groping open this hot scene of massive cock deep-dicking tight hole. Leandro Cruz’ cock seems to be trying to fight its way out of his boxer briefs in anticipation of Pascoal Coelho’s shitter. Both guys are lean and tones and that big dick of Leandro’s is just exciting to watch in all its tumescent wonder. When Pascoal wraps his dick-sucking-lips around that coal black cock, you’ll find yourself pulling your cock a little faster. When Leandro returns the favor, well, good luck. It’s a lot of hot in a short amount of film. When Leandro starts pile driving Pascoal’s ass, all bets are off. You may need to schedule a second viewing for the final scene of the film. Pascoal is another bottom who looks his top right in the eyes while he’s bitching out for dick. It makes a hot fuck even more sizzling to watch. Once they’ve reached the limit, they power out a nice mess on Pascoal’s flat stomach that will have you spilling your own nut right there at home.

SCENE 5: Juan Acosta tops Riu Melo
Big beefy guys are hot to watch but they don’t make for any better watching than a couple of diminutive studs hung like Riu Melo and Juan Acosta. Juan is just as small in stature as Riu, but must have trouble finding pants that can manage his giant prick. It’s as big as his forearm! From the moment Riu starts drooling all over it, I could hardly wait for him to get it up his butt. Riu obviously enjoys taking it as much as I enjoyed watching because he’s pulling on his hard cock the entire time he’s getting opened up. I love a boy who likes getting fucked so much that he just sits down and fucks himself silly on a prick. After a while, though, Juan takes back control and puts this boy on his back to finish things off. When they cum, you have to wonder how they have enough moisture in their little bodies to make all that nut! I’m just glad they do.

The promise of oil may not do a thing for all these happy fuckers, but the opportunity to drill some sweet hole sure does. From the biggest and hardest cock to the tightest most tender hole, Black Deep Drilling will keep you up for the duration. You might want to bring your own supply of oil to keep down friction related injury, but that is the only thing you’ll need to worry about. Happy bating, friends!



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