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Smutjunkies Bait Buddis - Gay Men get a str8 guy fucked

Studio: Bait Buddies online
Directed by: Gio
Year of Production / Release: 2012
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Bait: Devin Adams
Straight: Evan Mercy

On-Line Only Presentation, Members can Download the presentation for later for “off-line” viewing.

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‘Porn Star Fan Fuck’

Evan Mercy, that hot straight red headed stud from our ‘Sandbox Buddies’ video series is back! Since exploring gay sex for the first time with his life long straight buddy Michael, Evan has gone on to do make a few jackoff videos and even a couple where he fucks another dude. As he always says “it’s all about the money”. Well, we’re elated that this hot piece of eye candy skateboarded back into our studio looking as sexy as ever. But more interesting than how he got here is why he’s back here. Recently, a fan of, porn star Devin Adams gave me a call. He had heard the buzz about ‘Sandbox Buddies’ and was totally turned on after watching the videos. He asked Caruso if it would be possible to set it up so that he could have sex with and get fucked by Evan. And here they are, sitting side by side anxiously anticipating how hot this is going to be. There’s no set up for this video since everyone knows what they’re here for, so after speaking with the guys for a bit Caruso just tells them to have at it…and that they do. It all kind of goes down like a one night hook up from CL. Both dudes go for each others cock first, and with Evan at a hefty 7″ and Devin just a bit longerwe can’t wait until they stop feeling each other up through their underwear so we can see the real deal. And we’re not disappointed when those two beautiful cocks are released from their confines. Before you know it Devin is on his knees engulfing Evan’s hard cock for a nice leisurely blow job as Evan moans in delight. When it’s Evan’s turn he balks at sucking Devin’s cock but is quickly reminded that he had no problems sucking off his straight bud Michael in his prior video. Evan knows he can’t get out of it so he gives one of his big sexy smiles then gets into position and swallows Devin’s big cock. With both dudes hot and horny Devin is ready for what he really came for and that’s getting fucked by a hot straight boy. Evan suits up with a condom and lube and goes right in with no resistance as Devin is so hot for the boy his asshole is pulsing, wet and ready. Evan fucks the boy doggie style and then flips him over to finish him off. Devin wants it harder and harder and Evan doesn’t disappoint. He fucks him like he’d fuck some slutty pussy he picked up at a bar and Devin is loving it. Both dudes pop off a load on Devin’s flat belly. For Devin it’s another fantasy fulfilled…for Evan it another day, another dollar. Lucky fuckers!

Smutjunkies Bait Buddis - Gay Men get a str8 guy fucked


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