Studio: All Worlds / Diamond Pictures
Directed by: Csaba Borbely
Year of Production / Release: 2005
Country of Production: Hungary

Kevin Cage
Fabrizio Mangiatti [Daniel Lautrec]
Fernando Mangiatti [Jean Lautrec]
Mario McCabe
Gianni Nascimento [Lucas Lucky]
Austin Rogers
Glenn Santoro [Glen Santoro]
Jarda Tiborko [Tobias Vares]
Julien Veneziano
Jiri Honza [Viktor Vesely]

These cops are working hard to keep the streets safe and putting in some overtime to satisfy their cock hungry co-workers.
   Fabrizio Mangiatti is interrogating Gianni Nasimento who broke into the police station in a stolen officer’s uniform, but when he realizes he’s not going to get a confession out of his suspect he lays a trap with his twin brother Fernando Mangiatti that ends up with Gianni on his knees getting his face and ass fucked by the identical twins rock hard cocks.
   In another part of the station Mario McCabe is talking with Kevin Cage about getting his friend out of a ticket. When Kevin finds out that Mario doesn’t have any cash to offer so he accepts sexual favors in payment. Mario doesn’t waste anytime dropping to his knees to service Kevin’s rock hard cock and the lets the stud fuck the hell out of him.
A bomb threat in the police station puts all of the officers on alert and they sent out to scour the building until they find the device. Officers Jarda Tiborko and Jiri Honza don’t find the bomb, but they find a stash of dildos and decide that if they can’t find the bomb they might as well die happy men, so they start to get it on with the help of their newfound toys. Officer Julien Veneziano catched the two cops plundering each others asses with the toys and gets in on the fun by giving the two bottoms a taste of the real thing.
   After it’s been revealed that the bomb threat was a hoax Chief Glenn Santoro gets to the bottom of things and confronts office Austin Rogers with evidence that proves he was the one responsible for the threat. Santoro forces Rogers to suck his cock and then he makes Rogers fuck his ass until he cums.


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