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Studio: Titan Media
Directed by: Brian Mills
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Billy Berlin
Dean Flynn
Eric Moreau
Tyler Peter
Markus Ram
Francois Sagat
Max Schutler
Rick Van Sant
Diesel Washington

SCENE 1: François Sagat fucks Max Schutler
TitanMen exclusive Rick van Sant calls his building’s maintenance man (TitanMen exclusive François Sagat) to repair his stove while he’s busy at work. Knowing what a major power-bottom Rick is, François snoops around and finds a dishwasher filled with Rick’s sex toys. Intrigued, he picks a long, thick black one, peels out of his workmen’s jumpsuit, hops on the granite countertop, and slowly pokes the tip of the fat toy into his hungry, muscled ass while stroking his hard cock. Standing against the counter, he probes the plug deeper and deeper into his butt, moaning in ecstasy, oblivious to the fact that his co-worker Max Schutler is watching him while jerking on his own uncut cock.
   Max gives François a hand with his new toy before hungrily swallowing François’s cock. François drops to his knees and sucks down Max’s cock until Max blows his load all over his furry chest. After François shoots his own load, he pulls two cold beers out of the fridge and grabs some ice cubes, which they pour and rub on each other’s taut torsos. Soon, they unleash a torrent of hot piss onto each other. They move into the bedroom where François buries his face into Max’s tight ass, getting it ready for the pounding he’s about to deliver. After drilling him from behind, François flips Max onto his back and slams his ass until they both shoot their loads again.

SCENE 2: Rick Van Sant and Markus Ram flip-fuck
TitanMen exclusive Rick van Sant is going over blueprints with Markus Ram, but talk of electrical shafts and load-bearing walls has them both thinking other thoughts. Rick can’t help staring at the growing bulge in Markus’s jeans. Markus unleashes his monster cock, which Rick effortlessly swallows down to his balls while he strokes his own uncut dick. After slobbering on Rick’s knob for a while, Rick assumes the position on his desk with his legs in the air so Markus can probe his hot hole with his tongue. After some deep-tongue action, they both shoot their loads onto Rick’s stomach.
   It’s Markus’s turn on the desk, where Rick slides every inch of his fat cock deep into Markus. After pounding Markus for a good long time, Rick gets on all fours and takes Markus’s latex-gloved fist up his hungry ass. Markus flips him back over and fucks a load out of Rick, and then pulls his rubbered cock out and spews a second semen shower all over Rick.

SCENE 3: Diesel Washington fucks Eric Moreau
In his dark bedroom, the building manager (TitanMen exclusive Diesel Washington) is looking lustfully at some photos of his favorite resident, Eric Moreau, when Eric coincidentally happens to call about some repairs. When Diesel arrives to take a look at Eric’s pipes, he finds Eric wearing only a towel. After getting into a fight with his jealous boyfriend on the phone, Eric’s clearly distraught, and Diesel is eager to show him his rarely seen romantic side.
   Kneeling before Eric by the light of the fridge, he seductively feeds Eric pieces of fruit before letting Eric chow down on his fat cock. Positioning Eric on the counter, Diesel kisses him and sucks his rock-hard cock, and then finally jerks Eric’s cock to an explosive orgasm. After Diesel cums, he leads Eric into the shower where they continue to erotically explore each other’s bodies, their muscles glistening as they lather each other with soap.
   Next, Eric leads Diesel to his bedroom. With Eric’s legs pinned to his chest and strings of pre-cum leaking out of his cock, Diesel licks Eric’s quivering asshole, getting it ready for the unforgettable fuck he’s about to deliver. In one long plunge, Diesel slowly slides the entirety of his massive condomed cock deep into his partner, who’s squirming and moaning in sheer delight as Diesel slowly builds up cadence, fucking him harder and harder with each thrust. Eric finally climbs on top of Diesel and impales himself on his dick, riding him until they both unleash their creamy loads.

SCENE 4: Dean Flynn and Tyler Peter fuck Billy Berlin
TitanMen exclusive Dean Flynn suspects something’s going on with his boyfriend Eric Moreau when he calls and finds out that Eric’s home alone with building manager Diesel Washington. But unfortunately, Dean’s not getting anywhere soon, as his car breaks down in the woods. Two repairmen—Tyler Peter and Billy Berlin—show up; they can’t wait to have a little fun with the “city boy”. Dean’s car needs a new head gasket but the only piece of equipment Dean’s focused on is the massive tool inside Tyler Peter’s jeans.
   Dean drops down and practically inhales the blond stud’s massive cock and impressively low-hanging balls while Billy watches and strokes his shaft. Soon, they’re both feeding Dean their cocks, and Dean worships every inch they give him. While the two return the favor on Dean’s dick, Dean probes Billy’s smooth ass with his fingers. After Dean shoots a big sticky load, Billy and Tyler shoot all over Dean’s chest, leaving him soaked in their jizz.
   The trio moves to the back of Tyler’s and Billy’s pickup truck, where Dean continues to loosen Billy’s tight ass with his fingers and tongue as Tyler mouth-fucks him. After throwing Billy a good, hard fuck, Dean lets Tyler take over. Dean comes up behind Tyler and they form a three-man fuck chain until they all coat each other’s asses with cum. As a finale, Dean fist-fucks Billy while Tyler pins his legs back, until Billy shoots his third load.

Available on standard DVD and on Blu-ray™

Ever wonder what goes on at your apartment building with the repairmen and building managers while you’re at work? Well, if your building is like this one, you’d probably be calling in sick more often! Directed by Brian Mills, Double Standard stars TitanMen exclusives Dean Flynn, François Sagat, Rick van Sant and Diesel Washington along with five other hot and hung studs.
   TitanMen exclusive François Sagat is repairing a kitchen when he stumbles upon a dishwasher filled with sex toys; he can’t wait to hop on the countertop and slam a fat one up his ass. Max Schutler, making his first TitanMen appearance, is glad to give him a helping hand before they have a piss-soaked fuck and suck session that results in multiple cumshots for each stud.
   TitanMen exclusive Rick van Sant is going over blueprints with Markus Ram but talk of electrical shafts and load-bearing walls has them both thinking of other things. Rick effortlessly swallows Markus’s massive cock before fucking him, and Markus returns the favor by plunging his fist deep inside Rick’s hungry ass and then pounding it hard with his cock.
   TitanMen exclusive Diesel Washington is the building manager who’s got his eye on resident Eric Moreau (a new TitanMen discovery making his incendiary first appearance). When he calls Diesel to fix his hot water, the stud can’t wait to lay some pipe with him. Diesel seduces his crush before giving him an intense but sensual fuck this eager and hungry bottom won’t soon forget.
   Eric’s boyfriend—TitanMen exclusive Dean Flynn—suspects something’s up back home, so when his car breaks down, he can’t wait to exact a revenge fuck with the two mechanics, horsehung newcomer Tyler Peter and Billy Berlin (also in his first TitanMen feature), in the all-outdoors, explosive finale.
   Available on DVD and Blu-ray™. For the first time ever, the Blu-ray™ version gives you the option of viewing the retail edit or the director’s expanded edit, which features fisting and watersports. Both hot, both intense – your choice to watch what turns you on! DVD is the director’s expanded edit, which is available only at


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