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Pride Studios / Men Over 30

Studio: Pride Studios / Men Over 30
Directed by: Pride Studios
Year of Production / Release: 2011
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Doug Jeffries
Ricky Sinz

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Pride Studios / Men Over 30

This week we have two Titans of the adult industry coming together to steam up our camera lenses. Ricky Sinz and Doug Jeffries are here today with us on Ricky and Doug are catching up on the couch talkin shop and industry awards each has won when Ricky confesses to Doug that he’s wanted to work with him for years so he’s really happy to be here. oug slips to his knees and explores Ricky’s hard cock tenting his shorts. Doug then turns him around and slides off Ricky’s shorts to get a closer look at that ass. He spreads those cheeks wide before going in for more tongue first. Ricky moans as Doug slaps that ass as he shoves his tongue inside. Ricky then stands up and gives Doug something else to work on… his cock. Doug wraps his lips around it and takes it all the way down his throat. Doug worships that dick. Then Ricky goes south to return the favor as he gags on Doug’s fat dick. He works that meat with his hand and mouth wanting to please Doug. Doug then gets up and bends Ricky over and slides his cock in from behind. His smooth balls are soon bouncing against that hole as Ricky gives it up. Ricky is rock hard and can’t help but jack his meat as Doug pounds him and talks dirty while he does. Doug slows it down a bit before he picks up the pace again bouncing Ricky back onto his dick. “Does my dick feel good?” Doug groans as he fucks Ricky harder. “Awww yeah’ Ricky moans ‘fuck me, Daddy!” He bounces up and down on that dick fucking himself silly. Doug just sits back and watches as he gets his cock worked. Missionary is next as Doug gets Ricky on his back. He slides back into that hot ass and fucks Ricky steadily as he strokes his meat. It isn’t long before they’re both ready to blow and as Ricky jacks his load off all over his inked abs, Doug stands over him and delivers his batch as well sending his thick cargo splattering all over Ricky’s chest and abs.

Pride Studios / Men Over 30


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