Michael Lucas Entertainment DOWN TO FUCK Rafael Lords Sergeant Miles Drae Axtell  Dolf Dietrich Hugh Hunter Xavier Hux Rikk York D.K.

Studio: Lucas Entertainment
Directed by: Michael Lucas
Year of Production / Release: 2016
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Drae Axtell
Dolf Dietrich
Hugh Hunter
Xavier Hux
Rafael Lords
Sergeant Miles
Rikk York

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Are you Down To Fuck? Because the Lucas Men are always ready for a bareback romp in the sack! Sergeant Miles shows off his stamina to Rafael Lords, who takes it in the ass long and hard. Drae Axtell sneaks off to the dock so Dolf Dietrich can empty his balls. Hugh Hunter fucks Xavier Hux raw in the hot tub. And Rikk York takes D.K.’s big black dick in his butt. Our guys are always Down To Fuck!

Michael Lucas Entertainment Rafael Lords And Sergeant Miles Suck And Fuck Bareback
SCENE 1: Rafael Lords And Sergeant Miles Suck And Fuck Bareback
Here is the first scene in the final movie filmed during Lucas Entertainment’s 2015 Fire Island production. And who better to begin the action than two sex-crazed Lucas Exclusives — Sergeant Miles and Rafael Lords. Sergeant makes no illusion to the fact that he was once a military man, and one unshakable lesson he learned from his time in the military was how to serve and obey. And Rafael Lords might be small, but he’s got plenty of energy, especially when he takes ownership of Sergeant’s ass!

Michael Lucas Entertainment Drae Axtell Tops Dolf Dietrich Dockside
SCENE 2: Drae Axtell Tops Dolf Dietrich Dockside
Who else other than Drae Axtell is born and bred for the beach? There’s no other like him — he’s the ultimate beach bum, and we love him for it. Dolf Dietrich had a hankering for Drae’s huge (and I mean huge) Puerto Rican cock, so the production team set up an encounter for them down on the Fire Island docks where Drae gives Dolf exactly what he wants: the whole of his huge hard cock.

Michael Lucas Entertainment Hugh Hunter And Xavier Hux Raw Hot Tub Action
SCENE 3: Hugh Hunter And Xavier Hux | Raw Hot Tub Action
A hot little Latino ready to take daddy dick deep and raw? Check. A muscular daddy hungry for a horny bottom that wants his seed? Check. Hugh Hunter and Xavier Hux both have a thing for hot tubs — it gets them worked up and ready to go after a guy — and it was their place of choice to film their encounter. Who were we to say no to something they wanted? And Xavier had fun showing off getting fucked on his back: whether on a bed or a wooden deck, he liked being on his back so he could see Hugh giving it to him.

Michael Lucas Entertainment Rikk York Takes D.K
SCENE 4: Rikk York Takes D.K’s Huge Dick
Closing out the 2015 Fire Island production is D.K.’s huge dick. Some of the Lucas Entertainment models were intimidated by the size D.K is packing in his pants, but Rikk York was up to the challenge. Rikk is a really handsome guy, and the look on his face when he has a huge black cock deep in his ass is exquisite. Check out this encounter and see for yourself!


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