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smutjunkies Film Library Simon Booth

Studio: Hard Brit Lads online
Directed by: Simon Booth
Year of Production / Release: 2010
Country of Production: Great Britain

Bruno Fox
Edward Fox

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smutjunkies Film Library Simon Booth

Serious hot passion in this strong, sweaty scene, featuring two fit, manly, skinhead studs, Ed Fox and Bruno Fox. No, its not incest porn! Right from the start these two were rock solid in their sports shorts, and got into each other really quickly. In no time, they are pulling each other vests off, rubbing each others huge stiff bulges in their shorts, and taking turns licking and sucking on each other nipples.
   Both guys have great bodies, muscular, slightly hairy chests, and are clearly very much into each other. Ed gets onto his knees and rubbing his face in Brunos shorts, and then pulls his cock out of side. Brunos cut dick is a good size, and really thick. Ed sucks it all the way down to the base, and gets it wet with spit, and jerks him off, and sucks some more, really horny, deepthroating at times. Then they switch, and its Brunos turn to suck. First of all, Ed has a MASSIVE cock – its a good nine inches. Ed deepthroats the entire thing – effortlessly! Bruno is one incredible sucker. The sucking from both guys is awesome.
   They move onto the sofa, and take turns sucking each other again, different positions, some hard face fucking, some more deepthroat – its hot, strong and passionate. While Bruno is being sucked by Ed, he leans forward, reaching for Eds firm smooth arse, and pulls his cheeks apart, and rubs his pink smooth hole, stretching it with his finger, before inserting it deep inside him. Then Brunos rims him, and licks his arse, getting it nice and wet, and then gets his finger right up his arse again, opening him up for his solid thick dick.
   As with the sucking, the fucking is equally strong and passionate. First, they fuck on the sofa in a kind of doggie position, but with Bruno more on top of Ed, his cock drilling down in to him. He pounds a bit, and takes his cock all the way out and plunges it back in again- he does this a couple of times as he fucks – pretty intense. Then they fuck against a bar, Bruno fucks harder here, Ed clearly loving it, its a noisy fuck! And then back to the sofa, Ed lays on his back to get fucked a third time, by this time both guys are hot and sweaty and bursting to cum, and while still being fucked, Ed shoots a big thick white load on to his firm six pack, and then sucks Bruno a bit, till he shoots a great load onto Eds face and into his mouth. Super Hot!

smutjunkies Film Library Simon Booth


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