Elder Butler President Woodruff Mormon Boyz MormonBoyz being sexually initiated by their Elders

Studio: Mormon Boyz / MormonBoyz.com
Directed by: Paul Jackson
Year of Production / Release: 2015
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Elder Butler
President Woodruff

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Elder Butler has a guilty secret, and he’s going to ask President Woodruff – the stake president and a doctor – for advice.
   Elder Butler is a cute new Mormon missionary. He’s just out of high school, and he has only been in the mission field a few weeks. But this whole time he has been having dirty fantasies about his hot, jock companion, and then tormented with guilt about these fantasies. He knows the church teaches that it’s wrong to have these feelings, and he’s afraid that if he tells the mission president he’ll be sent home.
   So he decides to go to the doctor and ask for a medical opinion about how to cure his same sex attraction. Luckily, there’s a doctor in the mission who’s also a member, a stake president even, and sure to understand what it’s like to be a horny young Mormon boy with unwanted sexual desires.
   Elder Butler is shown into the doctor’s office and waits nervously. He silently runs through what he’ll say. His thoughts are interrupted when there’s a knock at the door and President Woodruff steps in with a smile. Elder Butler is surprised by how sexy the stake president seems in this setting. Now that he’s feeling turned on, he’s a little embarrassed to admit his problem to this sexy older man.
   “I prefer to see you guys in church,“ President Woodruff says. “There must be something wrong. What brings you in?”
   President Woodruff looks the boy right in the eye and gives him a friendly smile.

Mormon Boyz MormonBoyz being sexually initiated by their Elders

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