Hot House Entertainment Club Inferno Alessandro Del Toro Armond Rizzo Dolan Wolf Matt Hart Rogue Status Sean Duran

Studio: Hot House Entertainment / Club Inferno
Directed by: Christian Owen
Year of Production / Release: 2014
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Alessandro Del Toro
Sean Duran
Matt Hart
Armond Rizzo
Rogue Status
Dolan Wolf

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Enlist Your Fist and join our battalion of special ops trained in the art of butthole destruction. You’ll be sent to our special secret boot camp in the desert, stripped, then forced to submit your hole to giant toys and big thick meaty hands. Not that these guys mind: this cast of able-bodied men have the biggest, hungriest holes that pass inspection with flying colors. Become a man today and Enlist Your Fist!

Hot House Entertainment / Club Inferno
SCENE 1: Alessandro Del Toro & Dolan Wolf
Dolan Wolf and Alessandro have been assigned the night watch at the compound. As soon as everyone is asleep the military studs strip out of their uniforms and get down to business. Both men stroke their big cocks while Dolan bends over and opens his furry hole to Alessandro’s probing tongue. Once his hole is lubed and ready, Alessandro pulls on a black glove and begins his anal assault. Dolan proves to be quite a soldier, taking Alessandro’s fist and half his forearm up his ass. Alessandro beefs up his arsenal by shoving both fists deep in Dolan’s hole until the sexy sergeant blows his load. Alessandro keeps his fist lodged in Dolan’s ass and strokes his giant uncut cock until he shoots all over the desert floor.

Hot House Entertainment / Club Inferno
SCENE 2: Armond Rizzo & Sean Duran
Private Armond Rizzo hasn’t busted his nut in almost a week and he’s horny as fuck. As luck would have it he’s been assigned the night watch alone and he’s brought along some of his favorite toys to keep him company. The young soldier grabs a bullet-shaped latex dildo, lubes up his tight hole, and shoves it up his ass. Although he tries to keep his solo assplay on the downlow his moans attract the attention of Sean Duran who comes in and catches Rizzo in the act. Duran strokes his giant cock then steps up to take over for Rizzo. He swaps out the butt-bullet for the 10′ inflatable, a much more formidable weapon to really put Rizzo’s hole to the test. Armond rises to the occasion and even begs for more, prompting Sean to shove the heavy anal beads up his freshly stretched hole. Sean continues his anal assault while both men jerk off and eventually blast loads all over Rizzo’s big juicy ass.

Hot House Entertainment / Club Inferno
SCENE 3: Rogue Status & Matt Hart
There is a lot of down time in the army, and guys get bored with nothing to do. Its only natural that a bored army grunt eventually turns his attention to his ass–after all, what better way to spend time than playing with your butt? Rogue Status (how is that for a porn name??) enlists his buddy Matt Hart for some serious ass play one night. They start with a big black dildo that looks pretty amazing going up Rogue’s hairy hole. Matt knows what he is doing and knows what he wants–his fist up Rogue’s hungry hole. Watch as Matt thrusts his tattooed arm up Rogue’s foxhole, delivering just what is needed to keep morale high. If this were an army recruitment video, we would all join up today!

Hot House Entertainment / Club Inferno
SCENE 4: Armond Rizzo, Sean Duran & Rogue Status
Private Rogue Status finds fellow soldier Sean Duran alone in his tent jerking off. Two army studs might as well help each other out, so Rogue helps himself to a mouthful of Sean’s cock. Turning around, Rogue exposes his ass for Sean to deliver a giant cock-shaped dildo. Suddenly, Private Armond Rizzo walks into the tent and is mad as hell to find HIS toy in Rogue’s ass! Furious, he kicks Rogue out, but Sean knows how to calm Armond down. Ripping open the seat of Armond’s army trousers, Sean grabs a new, longer dildo and plunges it mercilessly into Armond’s hole until the hot, pink rosebud appears. Flipping Armond onto his back, Sean switches to a fat butt plug shaped like a missile and uses it to stretch Armond’s hole. Sean jerks out his load on the tip of the butt plug pressed against Armond’s rosebud, triggering Armond to shoot his own thick, white wad.


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With extensive additional photography from every scene.

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