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Dirty Tony

Studio: Dirty Tony’s Naked Frat House online
Directed by: Tony Sparks
Year of Production / Release: 2011
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Eryk Eastman
Aleco Sahara

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Eryk Eastman and Aleco Sahara are out at their local park to workout and get in a nice long run. Throughout their running path they stop to perform various workouts, focusing on their upper body, legs, and even their already half hard cocks. They start with some hop kicks and Eryk gives instructions to Aleco. It’s a little more difficult than they thought and Eryk lets out a laugh as they both struggle to get it right. After a few tries they give up and continue running down into the trails. Eryk comes to a stop and pulls down his shorts telling Aleco he has to pee really bad. They both stand next to each other and release their warm golden liquids into the brush. They run up the trail to the bleachers and do a set of leg lifts, then continue on to do some pull-ups on the side of one of the buildings. All their hydrating is sneaking up on them again and they rush into the men’s bathroom. Eryk shares the same urinal with Aleco and they both gaze down at each other’s man meats. Eryk grabs Aleco’s cock and strokes it lightly while they both take a pee. Aleco not far behind reaches over and begins to stroke his buddy Eryk’s stick. Now that these two studs have completed the first part of their workout, they head into the shower to rinse off. Eryk can’t resist any longer and gets down to suck Aleco while the water gently pelts his back. Aleco then pulls Eryk up and takes his turn down on his knees sucking Eryk’s hardened manhood. They finish their shower and towel dry off while each of them sneak peaks at their naked bodies. Eryk leads Aleco over to the couch and places his tongue and lips over Aleco’s thick uncut cock! After that the guys just can’t control themselves and they start to go at it. Aleco rubs his chest and grabs his nipples while he moans out loud from the glorious blow job he is receiving from Eryk. Aleco wants his turn right away and gets up to return the favor to his buddy. He sucks and shoves Eryk’s dick as far down his throat as he can, while he strokes himself. Eryk got his fix from Aleco’s mouth and now he is ready for the second part of the meal. He pulls Aleco up and bend him over and starts to munch, lick, and suck on Aleco’s tight hole. Eryk spreads Aleco’s ass apart with one hand and with the other he gives the all-important reach around. Eryk is ready to give his dick the attention its been craving and flips Aleco over onto his back and with a slow but firm thrust, he slips into Aleco’s warm man cave. Aleco adjusts fairly quickly and moans for Eryk to go harder. Eryk grabs onto the back of Aleco’s head and rams into him with swift hard pounds. Eryk senses his partner is ready for a switch up, and pulls out of Aleco’s hole. He sits down and motions for Aleco to sit on his man rod. Aleco obediently listens and rides Eryk while Eryk grabs and squeezes Aleco’s tight plump ass cheeks. Aleco spins around to face forward and uses Erky’s legs for support. Aleco reaches his climax and tells Eryk he is about to cum. Eryk orders him to cum and Aleco explodes ropes onto his hairy body! Eryk pulls out and stands up, Aleco assuming his position on the ground to recieve Eryk’s load straight into his mouth and his face! Aleco licks and sucks Eryk’s wet dick clean thus completing both of their work outs for the day.

Dirty Tony


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