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Dirty Tony

Studio: Dirty Tony’s Naked Frat House
Directed by: Tony Sparks
Year of Production / Release: 2012
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Eryk Eastman
Eryk Eastman

Dirty Tony

Eryk is hanging out, watching television at the frat house. Flipping through the channels with the remote, he happily stumbles upon some porn. Since no one seems to be around, Eryk unbuckles his belt and begins a little session of self love. With one more yank to his shaft, Eryk realizes that his frat brother, Clayton, is actually in the movie he’s watching! Eryk wastes little time on the revelation, and continues to concentrate on the task in his hand. He pulls off his t-shirt to reveal his smoothly carved chest, with sweetly supple pecs and intricately defined abs. Eryk is lost in pleasuring himself and his growing schlong. He’s unaware that someone has entered the room, until it’s too late! Clayton steps up, admonishing Eryk for masturbating on the frat house sofa. Eryk responds by letting Clayton know that he has been caught in the act as well. Clayton and Eryk come to a clever agreement. That is, Clayton gets down on his knees to suck Eryk’s dick, in the hopes that Eryk won’t tell the other frat brothers about his porno. Eryk gasps with delight as Clayton slurps on his manmeat. Eryk, dizzy with pleasure, pulls Clayton up from the floor and tosses him onto the couch. Eryk claws at Clayton’s shorts. Reaching for Clayton’s fattened cock, Eryk goes to work! Eryk gobbles up Clayton’s chubsteak like a starving student. Eryk slurps hurriedly as he sucks Clayton’s red hot rocket. Eryk gags as he eagerly tries to deep-throat every inch of Clayton’s prick. Eryk looks to Clayton’s porn, still playing in the background. Eryk looks back to Clayton, saying, “See what you’re doing to that guy? Do that to me right now!” Eryk bends over the couch, his bare ass willing and ready to receive Clayton’s action. Clayton takes Eryk by the hips, thrusting into him as Eryk moans ecstatically. Clayton barrels into Eryk’s tight, cherry bottom while Eryk pants, “Fuck yeah!” Clayton pushes Eryk over onto the side of the couch. Eryk lies on his back, as Clayton lifts his leg. Clayton scoots Eryk’s backside to the edge of the sofa, and begins deep-dicking him from the side of the couch. Eryk’s moans grow louder with each thrust of Clayton’s cock, until he’s nearly screaming. Clayton brusquely clamps his hand over Eryk’s mouth, whispering, “You don’t want the frat guys to hear you!” Eryk nods his head in silent agreement, and starts to jerk his manmeat even faster. As Eryk unloads, each rigidly defined muscle of his torso seems to clench with his heaving. His moans louder still, Eryk’s mouth is, once again, forcibly silenced by Clayton’s hand. Clayton pulls free of Eryk’s hungry ass to deliver his spunkfest all over Eryk’s face. Clayton shoots violent streaks across Eryk’s head, dabbing his ear and both cheeks with a zigzag of thick, rich and creamy cum frosting. Eryk smirks, spooge lacing across his lips, and looking to Clayton says, “Your secret’s safe with me.”

Dirty Tony


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