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Dirty Tony online

Studio: Dirty Tony online
Directed by: Tony Sparks
Year of Production / Release: 2012
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Eryk Eastman
Brock Landon

On-Line Only Presentation.

Dirty Tony online

Eryk Eastman and Brock Landon are about to have a real clash of the titan hunks today! Eryk is a fitness freak and snow bunny from Utah that has fallen in love with the beautiful California sun. Handsome and rugged Brock is a mountain man from Montana with broad shoulders, hairy chest and a heart-warming smile. These guys hit it off right away; talking about their love of snowboarding and which states have the highest ratio of fuckable chicks. Now, talking about women puts a smile on Eryk’s face. But a real shine comes to his eye when he notices Brock’s biceps bulging under his sleeves. He takes the opportunity to really check out what Brock has going on under his shirt and wraps a measuring tape around his impressive 16 inch guns and 43 inch chest. Getting more impressed by the minute, Eryk investigates further and gets a little more up close and personal with the tape measure and his new buddy Brock. Eryk isn’t the shy type, apparently. He reaches right out and grabs Brock’s unsuspecting cock. Eryk wants a real measurement of Brock’s potential and drops to his knees and starts blowing him on the spot. Eryk’s magic lips bring his sexy partner’s dick to full salute within seconds. Eryk is in sex pig heaven drooling and gagging all over that stud’s sausage, but now he wants a piece of the action. Eryk slips his jeans off his cut hips – exposing his slick six pack, spectacular cum gutters and low hanging balls. Brock gets the throat fucking of his life as Eryk thrusts his meat in and out of Brock’s sweet lips. But it doesn’t stop there! Kinky Eryk has a hunger for something else. He spreads Brock’s ample ass cheeks and gorges himself on some juicy hairy hole. That dirty monkey can’t to seem get enough of Brock’s tasty taint as he happily rims away. Knowing how good it tastes, Eryk now wants his dick to find out just how sweet that pink pucker is too. Wet with spit and warmed up by Eryk’s tongue Brock’s sex well is just aching to be filled. Eryk spreads those great hairy cheeks farther and farther apart until he is balls deep in Brock’s cavern. No mercy from either of these studs! This is raw man on man animalistic, all out pounding. Groaning and yelling, spitting and snarling, these manly beasts tear each other apart as Brock fucks back with a vengeance. Eryk is ready to burst after all that hot action, he pulls out and leaps up to give Brock’s cheek a thick coating of creamy white load and rubs it into his beard with the tip of his cock. Then Eryk – the filthy fuck – immediately leans down and starts lapping away at his own mess like a thirsty dog while Brock beats a big spurt out of his own swollen cock. Cum-hungry Eryk can’t wait to get his greedy mouth on that load too. Covered in jizz, Eryk leans in for a quick kiss to share some of the love that is so beautifully smeared all over his face. Looking a bit bewildered and still seeing stars, Brock takes the sloppy kiss while he tries to figure out what the hell just hit him.

Dirty Tony online


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