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Dirty Tony ERYK EASTMAN’S DIRTY DREAM Max Morgan Matty Demerit

Studio: Dirty Tony online
Directed by: Tony Sparks
Year of Production / Release: 2012
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Matty Demerit
Eryk Eastman
Max Morgan

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Studly Eryk Eastman is one sexy bi-sexual hunk of man meat. He lives to work out, eat healthy, and keep his rocking body in tip top shape. Part of his healthy lifestyle involves a decent amount of relaxation, like a nice healthy massage. He arrives to his appointment ready for some much needed relief, and his handsome looks tickle the masseuse pink. With his pants off and his eyes closed Eryk is ready for what he thinks is going to be a nice little rub-down. He falls asleep and all of a sudden, two hung studs Max Morgan and Matty Demerit appear ready to work Eryk over. They brought their own tool of the trade with them, a huge cucumber to loosen Eryk’s love hole up and get it ready for punishment. He can’t tell if he is awake or just having the best dream of his life. Max and Matty choose an end and start shoving cocks and cukes in every orifice they can. Eryk squeals and wriggles to get away, but forceful hands pin him into place and there is no where he can run. Eryk caves in to his captors and gives up his perky ass as bounty. Matty is the first to grace that hairy pink hole. He bangs the living hell out of Eryk’s rear entry as Max chokes him out with his enormous ten inch cock. The boys then decide to give the other side a spin and whip Eryk around so Max can have some of that sweet sweet ass too. Erky doesn’t even know what is hitting him, there is cock, spit, and man-hands everywhere on him. At last the torture comes to an end, Matty blows a huge load all over Eryk’s cheek while Max fishhook’s his mouth wide open. Disappointed with his friend’s aim, Max pitches a sopping white fastball directly onto Eryk’s tonsils and creams his lips with it. All of a sudden Eryk flutters his eyes and comes back to reality. All that remains is a huge smile on his face and a mysterious stain on the side of his cheek. What a dream!

Dirty Tony online


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