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Studio: Jet Set
Directed by: Matthew Moore
Year of Production / Release: 2005
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Rod Barry
Brad Benton
Nick Capra
Jason Crew
Dante Foxx
Marcus Iron
Gabriel Knight
Barrett Long
Ethan Marc
Gus Mattox
Drew Peters
Jason Ridge
Rob Romoni
Pete Ross
Michael Soldier
Zak Spears
Bret Wolfe

Non-Sexual Role:
Jason Sechrest
Sister Roma

Brady’s downward spiral of addiction intensifies as he prepares to claim there is yet another Jett heir. Housekeeper Mona Lott surfaces after a stint at Betty Ford and helps Brady do some reconnaissance on handsome drifter Lucky Hanson. Meanwhile, publisher Simon Jett moves into Wet Palms as part of a plan to reclaim the family estate, irking recently returned brother, Randall who finds comfort in a figure from his past. Peter Dune abandons his Bubble modeling contract to pursue a high-paying gig on the runways of Milan, but things don’t run as smoothly as planned. Ex-lover Todd Marlowe tries to save Dune, but maybe too late. Bubble president Chase Walker likes what he sees in Lucky Hanson – or is it Lucky Jett – and hires him for the fall campaign to Todd’s dismay. Lucky, lost and lonely, gets intimate with Jett Setter reporter Tucker Bang.
   Tucker Bang discovers a new lead on the Jettphetermine scandal – thanks to a discovery by Joey Pole – and finds a willing Deep Throat in corporate cop Andonis Alexandros. Master manipulator JP Jett takes a prying Tucker under his wing, but takes a few extra precautions regarding would-be Jett heir (and Bubble cover model) Lucky Hanson. After a discussion with the new pool boy Trey, Mona Lott stages an intervention with Brady, who has hit bottom – even for a bottom.
   The residents of Wet Palms prepare themselves for publisher Simon Jett’s “Man of the Year” party. Chase Walker makes a move on model Lucky Hanson, but Lucky has problems with the terms of Walker’s contract. Back at Wet Palms, Mona and Tucker attempt to bring Randall up-to-date on Brady and Simon’s involvement in the growing Jettphetermine scandals while JP Jett takes some drastic measures to keep it silent. The police and FBI close in on a suspect at the “Man of the Year” party as a gun shot brings down a member of the Wet Palms family – who leaves in handcuffs and who leaves in an ambulance? Stay tuned.


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