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EuroCreme INDIEBOYZ 2 EuroCreme INDIEBOYZ 2 Will Jamieson Hayden Kane Matt Hughes

Studio: EuroCreme
Directed by: Simon Booth
Year of Production / Release: 2007
Country of Production: Great Britain

Jason Carter
Alex Colle
Matt Hughes
Matt James
Toby James
Will Jamieson
Titch Jones
Hayden Kane
Cameron Ross

Hung young fucker Titch is back for more deep ass pounding, this time with tanned blondie Toby. Tasting each others throbbing dicks, devouring the huge pieces of meat, making them slick with spit, they get themselves super horny and dying to fuck!! Horse hung Titch doesn’t let Toby down as he presses his cock against his hole and slowly pushes, letting his sexy mate feel every inch slide deeper into his hole, stretching it around his thick dick as it’s thrust forward, keeping Toby continually on the edge of orgasm. Titch is looking great with his pale skin and Mohican hairstyle, so watching him pummel his friends butt whilst his knob twitches is amazing. With all these position changes, that butt hole gets well and truly used, awesome angles let us watch it in every detail, get ready for your balls to be emptied at the sight of Titch shooting!!

Cute new faces in awesome action, long haired Jason, with a smooth chest and hairy legs catches up with stunning Cameron Ross, one of the most handsome faces, dark hair and slightly hairy chest, these horny lads can’t wait to strip naked and feel each others bodies against theirs own. Both feeding off each others rock hard cocks, these young indie faces are well and truly fucked solid before Thor can’t take anymore and gets Jason’s hole dripping with spit before slipping his dick up to the hilt into his mate. Jason ride Thor like a stallion, bouncing on his cock as Thor thrusts it up, getting every last inch into him, filling him up with pure meat. This isn’t where it ends though, Jason gets his own back but giving Thor a hard fucking as well, both loving the feeling of cock in ass.

11” COCK!! Matt Hughes and his stunning cock returns and this time Ashley Ryder has the honour of getting filled up like never before by pure cock!! Matt’s gorgeous straight lad looks, slim body and hairy chest, giving way to his unbelievably huge dick is every mans dream fuck. Deep throating this monstrous cock, Ashley shows off all he’s learnt, making sure this hung hottie is left well and truly satisfied. Mercilessly pushing his dick into his bottom buddy, Matt is here to get off, and Ashley’s butt makes the perfect place to do it, ramming his mighty meat all the way inside, you’ll be shooting before you know it.

Awesome Cumshot!! Blonde boy Alex steals the show by shooting his hot spunk directly into his own mouth!! Tasting his own juices after baby faced Matt works him up to orgasm. This dark haired cutie is a real passive boy and can’t wait until smooth tattooed stud Alex is working his thick meat deep into his mate, slowly getting deeper and deeper, making Matt writhe in pleasure as his butt is gently fucked, getting harder and harder, the more turned on each other get. Sliding from tip to hilt, Alex is a great ducker who knows just what he’s doing and keeps both of them rock solid throughout!! Don’t miss his cumshot, it’s unbelievably horny.

Defined, horny young lads get rock solid and enjoy hard ass pounding action. Will Jamieson makes a welcome return and joins new face Hayden in a hot fuckfest. Both dark haired guys have horny smooth bodies and delicious legs, not forgetting throbbing cocks, hard in anticipations for the action they are about to get. Hayden’s a real horny guy, licking and sucking Will’s great cock while jerking himself off, getting more and more turned on as it goes. Will quickly gets Hayden into position and pounds his solid cock straight into his mate as he’s sitting over him, letting Will do what he wants, thrusting away like a boy possessed, Hayden quickly responds by pushing back, loving every second that Will is inside him.

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