Falcon Studios Falcon Studios

Studio: Falcon International
Directed by: Rolf Hammerschmidt
Year of Production / Release: 2011
Country of Production: Czech Republic

Jack Bloom
Robin Few
Leon Fortin
Val Horner
Trevor Jenkins
Neal Mason
Nico Moratti
Andy Taylor
Kevin Turner

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Silky smooth and sweet as candy, these hot young men lick suck and frost their way into a flambee of sizzling sensuality. Each scene a delectable treat to roll on your tongue and savor…like an erotic series of sweet appetizers that will leave you sated and smiling.

Falcon Studios GET ME UP (FIC-041)
SCENE 1: Kevin Turner, Jack Bloom
Kevin Turner emphatically instructs Jack Bloom on the art of cake frosting, but the horny apprentice’s got a sweet tooth that’s craving something sweeter … the handsome baker himself. The two kiss before Jack has Kevin bare-assed naked with his big uncut cock busting out of his calvins. He sucks Kevin’s pole letting his lips slide up and down the shaft. Kevin sweetens the deal, frosting his own dickhead with whipped cream which Jack quickly gobbles up. The men switch places and Kevin guzzles Jack’s cock down, licking it hungrily like a kid and his all-day lollypop. Jack is soon down on the table with his legs up and spread, giving Kevin easy access to his hershey highway. The busy baker fucks Jack’s ass, churning in and out with steady thrusts, before he pulls out to beat his meat until he cums. Jack sucks on it some more to sop up any excess drops; then he whacks himself off, splashing Kevin’s chest with his cream.

Falcon Studios GET ME UP (FIC-041)
SCENE 2: Neal Mason, Leon Fortin, Andy Taylor
Equipped with a can of frosting, Neal Mason decorates Leon Fortin’s chest with drizzles of chocolate cream all over. Neal and his cohort Andy Taylor lap it all up before they strip he slim blond buck naked. Leon is soon sprawled down on the bed with his friends at both ends. Neal facefucks him while Andy is behind sliding his cock back and forth between the mounds of his asscheeks. Andy then stands up astride his still-prone buddy and shoves his cock into Neal’s mouth to get a blowjob. Now aroused and sucked-off to hardness, Andy targets Leon’s ass again, this time slamming his dick in the crack. This suck-and-‘fuck frenzy continues with Leon moved onto his back with his pals switching places. Neal fudge-packs Leon up the ass while Andy’s big cock is deep down his throat. Finally all three guys shoot their loads with Neal the first to cum; Andy next to unload; and Leon following up with spurts of his own sweet mess.

Falcon Studios GET ME UP (FIC-041)
SCENE 3: Robin Few, Trevor Jenkins
Robin Few and Trevor Jenkins find themselves sweetly embroiled in spirited soulful kissing. Eager for more tongue action, Robin sinks down to suck Trevor’s dick. One good turn deserves another, so Trevor gets his shot to savor Robin’s candy cane of a cock. His mouth engulfs the sensitive tip and he sucks away hungrily. Then he works his tongue down the shaft to reach Robin’s nuts and nibble on them, all the while his fingers are teasing his asshole. Wanting to get more licks in himself, Robin slurps up, down and all around Trevor’s dick. Then Trevor rims Robin’s asshole, juicing it up for a finger poke and then a fuck. Robin mounts his partner, settling himself onto the engorged cock and bouncing up and down as Trevor’s hands cup his buttcheeks. They continue screwing laying on their sides until Trevor unloads, soaking his pal with cum. Robin finishes himself off vigorously jerking his cock until he pops.

Falcon Studios GET ME UP (FIC-041)
SCENE 4: Val Horner, Nico Moratti
Val Horner and Nico Moratti waste no time getting familiar and under each other’s skin. After bombarding one another with passionate kisses, Val gets naked so Nico can start sucking on his big horsedick. Val’s cock is so long that Nico can barely make it halfway down the shaft, but he forges on. They kiss some more before Val gets on his knees to throat Nico’s prick. His tongue dances around the uncut dickhead and then he lets his lips travel up and down the entire length of the pole. Nico curls his upper body into an easy chair with his ass bolstered on the upholstered arm … a sweet temptation inviting Val to plunge right in. The big guy pumps in and out, drilling Nico’s hole in a steady rhythm. The fucking continues nonstop even as they change positions. Then ready to blow, the guys jerk themselves off until Nico cums across his abs and chest. Val is quick to follow, blasting his buddy with his big load.


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