Falcon Str8men FALCON STR8MEN - VOL. 13 (FSD-013) Falcon Str8men FALCON STR8MEN - VOL. 13 (FSD-013)
Studio: Falcon Str8men online
Directed by: Lief Gobo
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Christopher Ashlee
Landon Conrad
Derrek Diamond
Blaine Hardy

DVD Compilation from the Online Presentation.
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Falcon Str8Men, Volume 13 features four hot, straight studs working their cocks for the camera in solo and group action! Join Derrek Diamond, Christopher Ashlee, Blaine Hardy and Landon Conrad as they strip off their inhibitions along with their clothes and work their cocks for your entertainment.

This being Blaine’s third video, he reveals more about what makes him tick. First, “sex is better than money”, then he mumbles on about his most memorable sexual experience, closing with what he looks for in a partner. He really is a simple man with simple wants and needs. And then he shuts up and starts the show.
   There really is a quiet appeal about Blaine; he grows more attractive with each shoot. We watch him pull his pud, fingers inching inside his hole, eyes closed and lost in his masturbatory fantasy. He shoves a butt plug in and out, then holds it clenched inside while he continues jacking off. Next comes a set of balls. He slides the first orb inside then tries to work in another. He is a study of concentration as he’s back on the plug, quietly thrilled with the sensation of the toy in his ass and then he finally busts a nut.

Christopher started in the adult industry about three years ago when someone randomly asked him to do it. He chuckles that money was his motivation, but backtracks to claim it’s really all about the sex because “Sex is definitely better than money!”
   Christopher lays back in bed, his legs spread wide apart giving us a direct view of his big uncut dick and balls. He looks hot, his chocolate skin melting into the chocolate sheets, as he grips his boner with one hand to stroke it firmly while he tickles his crack with the fingers of his other hand. He grabs a set of balls to slide inside his asshole, but he’s really tight as he barely gets the first orb in. He finds more success with a butt plug, shoving most of it through his sphincter. That little slice of latex heaven is doing the trick because Christopher swoons as he continues ramming it in and jacking off faster and faster. He finally climaxes, panting as the white spooge oozes out of his piss slit looking so creamy and ta

Christopher can lose himself in the bright lights of Vegas while Blaine prefers the outdoors. As disparate as their vacation plans are, this couple is definitely in tuned with each other sexually. Blaine is the first to go down on his boyfriend’s big uncut cock, the smooth black root sliding easily in and out through his lips. Then it’s Christopher’s turn to service Blaine and the sight of his pink fleshy cock being gobbled up by his Nubian prince makes such a pretty picture. The two men move into classic 69 position and continue feeding, followed by a fevered exercise of expert assmunching. Christopher buries his face in his honky honey’s ass teasing the hole with his tongue, before the partners switch places and Blaine does the same for his buddy. Blaine grabs onto Christopher’s hips and fucks him from behind, then in missionary position before he finally settles down in his lover’s arms. He finishes himself off by jerking his swollen cock until he climaxes and cums.

No beatin’ around the bush here, Falcon’s newest Str8Man is a diamond in the rough. Derrek sits back to play with himself. He massages his bulbous dickhead, tweaks his nipples, rubs his balls; he knows exactly what to do. And he looks brilliant! Those big hands on that big dick; that fuzzy chest and belly; that tight nutsac. He works his cock so hard making it stand so stiff, so rigid; it looks so ready to explode … but not quite yet. Derrek gets on his knees and displays his amazing ass. His sphincter looks deliciously puckered and dark, buried between those round buttcheeks; his toes are clenched tight as he continues manipulating his cock. Sitting down again, he sees a drop of cum oozing out of the piss slit. He swipes it up with his finger, brings it to his lips to taste its salty sweetness. And then with the camera positioned slightly below ball level, Derrek’s tower of power erupts like a geyser, leaving him panting hard and exhausted. Derrek Diamond is a dazzler!

First off, I gotta say that Derrek Diamond is staggeringly handsome. And then there’s his flawless physique and big big cock. He’s a human lighting bolt radiating all this sexual energy. So getting to watch another Derrek Diamond scene on Falcon Str8Men, we know we’re guaranteed a good time. We’ve lined up a couple of shiny metal anal intruders that would give most people pause. I mean, latex ass-toys are fun, but these shiny metal ones are even better. The plug and dildo were designed for more prominant anal stimulation; they’re rigid and firm, smooth and satisfying, and Derrek works hard to prove it. He jacks his dick to firnmess and then, with the silver plug wedged high up his asshole, he bucks back and forth as if electrified. The bigger cylindrical dildo looks like it would hurt, but for Derrek, it’s pure pained pleasure as he slides it deep inside, tickling and teasing his prostate — until he finally cums and blasts jizz all over himself.

Wrapped in a hot embrace and making out like two horny teenagers, Landon and Derrek take each other on. These guys are mirror images of each other, both of them handsome, well-built and big-dicked. Derrek is the more aggressive, hungrier of the two and dives onto Landon’s cock. But Landon quickly proves that his appetite is just as healthy as he gobbles up his doppelganger’s pole. Then he focuses on Derrek’s pinched sphincter, priming it with wet licks and tongue jabs before he tenderly slides his dick inside the crack and pumps away. Derrek’s panting is loud and profound, each grunt the perfect complement to every one of Landon’s penetrating thrusts. Then he lays down with his legs spread wide apart and Landon continues to pierce his hole. Derrek is drowning in carnal bliss. The sensation is so sweet and sublime that he jerks himself to climax. Landon quickly mimics his partner’s actions, matching Derrek’s copious load of spooge with his own hefty offering.


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