Falcon Studios RIPE FOR HARVEST (FVP-102) Eric Stone Ryan Wagner Cory Evans Ricky Price Matt Bradshaw

Studio: Falcon Studios
Directed by: John Rutherford
Year of Release / Production: 1996
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Jim Bentley
Matt Bradshaw
Cory Evans
Eric Stone
Sean Dickson
Brant James
Ricky Price
Alan Reeves
Ryan Wagner

Cory Evans finds Ryan Wagner wet and caked in mud, so like a good neighbor he helps Ryan clean up. As he washes Ryan clean, Cory notices the farm-boy’s cock growing hard. Soon the two are wrapped cleanly in each others arms and Ryan is eager to show his appreciation. He sucks Cory’s cock…first gingerly, then deeply and fully…pulling the stiff prick deep into his throat. He services Cory’s cock and Cory loses himself in the sucking until finally he pulls out and shoots a load all over Ryan…overcome himself, Ryan unleashes his own.

Three farmhands get down and dirty amongst the newly-harvested corn. Jim Bently, Sean Dickson and Brant James take turns suckeing each other’s hard cocks, their hot wet tongues teasing and tasting. Jim’s tongue tickles Brant’s hole while Sean busies himself sucking Brant and Jim’s cocks. Brant picks up two ears of corn and works them into Sean and Jim’s holes…opening them for the session of fucking to follow. Urged on by Jim’s filthy talk, the two raunchy hands take turns fucking sean front and back, filling him completely. Then it’s Sean’s turn to fuck…and Jim takes a cock in his mouth and in his ass. Finally they all explode in a frenzy, showering Jim in their sticky white loads.

Farmhand brutes Matt Bradshaw and Ricky Price are giving timid Ryan Wagner a real workover. Matt and Ricky want to see just how much Ryan can take, so they make him suck their cocks one by one, then slam them deep into his throat together. Ryan takes all they have to give…but Matt and Ricky are very demanding. They make him rim their holes before positioning him between them and fucking him hard fore and aft…plunging in deep and making him feel the length of their cocks deep inside. The pace intensifies until greedy pigs Matt and Ricky shower Ryan in their hot juice.

Alan Reeves stumbles upon Eric Stone fishing on the riverbank. Hot and frustrated with the fishing, Eric turns to Alan for some diversion, and soon Alan is throating Eric’s mammoth cock. The two studs strip out of their clothes and spend some time sucking and playing with each others cocks. Overheated and totally turned on, Eric slides his pole deep into Alan’s ass…fucking him with a rhythmic intensity…turning him over and fucking him harder…until each man sends forth a fountain of cum.

Ryan Wagner has carried the torch for Cory Evans for a long time and finally the two have a reunion of sorts. Ryan pulls down Cory’s overalls and begins to worship his beautiful cock…sucking it deep and hard. He works his way to Cory’s hole…tonguing and probing the warm tender ass as Cory pulls his cheeks apart to give Ryan more access. Overcome with desire for this hot young farmboy, Cory spreads Ryan’s legs and pushes his cock deep in Ryan’s hole. He fucks the boy long and slow, building the intensity as his load churns up…treating Ryan to the heat and girth of his cock…faster and faster…until both he and the boy blow their loads and relax in each other’s embrace.


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